Zeekr 007 review: Removing “frog eyes” and improving intelligence


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In recent years, the development of traditional fuel vehicle brands has been relatively rapid, and with the gradual transformation of the market into new energy, major car companies have naturally begun to “layout” the new energy market. As one of the long-standing independent automotive brands, Geely’s models have achieved good sales in the market. In recent years, the establishment of zeekr subsidiary has also emerged as a high-end new energy vehicle brand. So how does zeekr 007 perform in the market?

From the appearance, this model is still very different from the previous models under the Geely Krypton brand, especially the front face, which has also removed the “frog eye” design, which deserves a good review. Moreover, the front headlights on both sides have a good light language effect, and the visual experience is still good. In addition, the sturdy chrome trim is connected to the headlights on both sides, creating a visual experience of a through type headlight. The body of the car is relatively slender, and the tail does not adopt a sloping shape. Although it is not sporty enough, the interior space is relatively good. The tail design is also quite exquisite, and the light group seems to have a semi continuous design, which has a good visual effect.

The interior design is relatively simple. The steering wheel adopts a style similar to the “D” shape, and there are functions such as opening the trunk below the horn, which is also convenient for the driver to operate. In addition, the function bars on both sides of the support rods do not have many functions, so they look a bit simpler.

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