The Li Auto L6 is coming to market: Positioned as a medium and large SUV, with a pure battery life of 172km


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It is reported that Li Auto has officially announced that its latest model, the Li Auto L6 (picture), will hold a global debut ceremony on April 18. The pricing strategy of the model will be located below the existing model, the Li Auto L7, further expanding the company’s product matrix. In addition, according to previous reports and analysis, Li Auto also plans to launch three pure electric vehicle models this year, and these new pure electric vehicles will be equipped with electric four-wheel drive system and 5C charging technology.

The Li Auto L6 will continue the family design language of the brand’s L series models. The model adopts a corresponding through-type lamp design, as well as the matrix headlights on both sides of the front, which together create the unique visual identity of the Li Auto L6.

In terms of body size, the Li Auto L6 is slightly more compact than the Li Auto L7, with its length, width and height being 4925mm, 1960mm and 1735mm respectively, and its wheelbase being 2920mm. It is slightly smaller than the Li Auto L7 (its length/width/height being 5050mm/1995mm/1750mm), but still maintains good space ratio and ride comfort.

The interior of Li Auto L7

In the interior design, it is equipped with a large central control screen, as well as a dedicated entertainment screen in the co-driver’s position. In addition, a hollowed-out storage compartment is set in the area of the central passage. However, the L6 does not have a “boss button” for the co-driver, which is usually found in higher-end models. The overall similarity is quite different from the L7.

In terms of power, the L6’s electric motor has a maximum horsepower of 408 horsepower and a maximum power of 300 kW. The battery is a lithium iron phosphate battery provided by CATL with a capacity of 35.8 kWh and a pure electric range of 172 km. The pure electric range of the L7 is slightly shorter.