Compact SUV Geely Geometry C


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Nowadays, more and more consumers are choosing new energy vehicles as commuting vehicles, and compact SUVs are the first choice for family travel. They not only provide a comfortable experience but also have good spatial performance. Today, we recommend a compact SUV, the Geely Geometry C, which is currently discounted by 10000 yuan in some regions. Is this car worth buying? Let’s take the Geely Geometry C 2022 400KM Travel Edition as an example and take a look at the performance of this car together.

In terms of appearance, the overall design of Geely Geometry C is relatively simple, with a high appearance value. The front face adopts a closed grille design, with a large number of straight line designs. The LED headlights on both sides are designed to be sharp, giving the overall appearance a sense of dynamism.

The side of the car adopts a suspended roof design, with a sharp waistline design and a black decorative panel below, which looks very dynamic. The 17 inch wheel hub design is fashionable, with a body size cover, length, width, and height of 4432x1833x1560mm, and a wheelbase of 2700mm.

The rear of the car has a round and plump design, with smoked black tail lights and LED light source. When lit, it is very recognizable, and the bottom has a black surround exposure, which is both sporty and fashionable.

In terms of interior design, the entire interior is simple and reasonably arranged. The center console is wrapped in soft materials and also made of textured materials, which is very trendy and fashionable. The two spoke steering wheel is compact and has a good touch. The center console is equipped with a 5-inch LCD instrument panel and a 12.3-inch center console large screen, equipped with a GKUI in car intelligent system, which is very convenient to operate. It supports GPS navigation system, OTA upgrade, navigation road condition information display, voice recognition control system, Wi Fi hotspot, etc, But it does not support mobile phone interconnection function, and the air conditioning control area retains some physical buttons, making it more convenient to operate the vehicle during driving.

In terms of body space, I am 180cm tall and sit in the driver’s seat. I have about 1 fist on my head and loose legroom. When I sit in the back row, I have about 4 fingers on my head and 2 fists on my legs to move left. The space performance is excellent. The seats have good support, the backrest angle is appropriate, and the comfort is good. The rear seats support a 4/6 ratio of folding down, and the trunk space can meet the needs of household use.

In terms of power, the Geely Geometry C is equipped with a front single motor, with a total power of 150 kW and a total torque of 310N · m. It is matched with an electric vehicle single speed gearbox, with an acceleration time of 6.9 seconds per 100 kilometers. Equipped with a ternary lithium battery with a capacity of 53kWh, the range under CLTC conditions is 400km, and the power consumption per 100 kilometers is 13.9kWh/100km. It can be charged quickly for 0.5 hours and slowly for 8.5 hours, making daily travel relatively convenient.

Summary: The Geely Geometric C has a simple exterior design, advanced interior technology, and practical space. The overall performance is relatively balanced, with a pure electric range of 400km and a fast charging function. It is very convenient for commuting without frequent charging. Currently, there are significant discounts on the terminal, and it is still worth recommending as a family car replacement. Feel free to leave a comment.