The world’s first mass-produced passenger car to use hub electric motors


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Dongfeng Motor’s upcoming new E70 will become the world’s first mass-produced passenger car to use Protean hub motors. As an electric vehicle with a single front electric motor, the new E70 will be equipped with two ProteanDrive Pd18 hub motors for the rear wheels, resulting in an all wheel drive sedan.

It is equipped with a motor with a peak power output of 78kW (104Ps) and a peak torque of 1250N · m, which is more than enough for daily use. In addition, due to the torque vectoring capability of the two rear wheel motors, it not only meets daily travel needs but also brings more outstanding driving pleasure.

According to official information, by using two ProteanDrive motors instead of traditional electric axles, the all-wheel drive E70 has lighter and more efficient features, with a 50% increase in storage space and a 42% reduction in 0-100km/h acceleration time.

At present, the Dongfeng E70 has passed all certification tests, including collision tests, and the first batch of vehicles will undergo extensive fleet testing in the coming months.

Protean Electric is a British start-up founded in 2008, specializing in the development of hub motors. In the same year, the company installed four first generation engines in the 2009 Ford F-150, transforming it into a 448 kilowatt hour battery powered 40 horsepower zero emission pickup truck.

The latest fourth generation motor, capable of outputting a maximum torque of 1250 N · m, was released in 2015 and will now be used in the Dongfeng E70.