BYD Sea Lion Coming Soon


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BYD’s ocean series models are still very popular, such as the Seagull and Dolphin, which have performed very well since their launch. We can see that some parameters of the Sea Lion have been announced, so can this upcoming mid size SUV continue BYD’s strong electric vehicle and compete with the Model 3? Let’s take a look at the details below.

In terms of appearance

Although the exterior design of this car cannot be seen completely, it still has a very sporty feel. The front face will adopt a design style similar to that of the seal, and the headlights will have a spindle shaped structure with a sharp shape. The middle of the headlights will be a sealed decorative panel, and although covered down, it can still be seen, which is a multi-level design style.

Come to the side

The side design of the vehicle is still very clear, with a very sleek roof and a luggage rack. The windows feature narrow dark colored frames and a horizontally cut design at the D-pillar position. The side skirts and wheel arches will use black trim to enhance the vehicle’s sportiness.

The design of the rear of the car should be a relatively regular shape, with multiple horizontal protruding structures enriching the sense of hierarchy of the rear. The tail lights are circular in structure, and the license plate frame is within the trapezoidal section.

In terms of interior design

From the exposure image, it can be seen that the interior of this car will adopt a D-shaped dual spoke steering wheel, with a surrounding silver chrome trim inside. The LCD instrument panel has a relatively small inclination angle, and the size of the central control screen is very large. It adopts a floating structure, and the lower gear lever design will refer to the design of the seal (as shown in the figure below), but the surrounding function keys will be arranged in a circular shape.

In terms of size

The length, width, and height data is 4770x1910x1620mm, with a wheelbase of 2900mm. Compared to the Tesla Model Y’s length, width, and height of 4750/1921/1624mm, and wheelbase of 2890mm, the data is basically the same. From the perspective of the side visual effect, the sea lion’s second row height performance will be better.

Power aspect

This sea lion will be equipped with two electric motors in terms of power, with a total power of 390kW and a total torque of 670N · m. It will also adopt a dual motor four-wheel drive drive mode, with an official acceleration time of 3.8 seconds per 100 kilometers, demonstrating excellent power performance. In terms of range, it is equipped with an 82.5kWh lithium iron phosphate battery, which supports fast charging and battery temperature management system. The pure electric range is 650km, and both power and range are very sufficient. Compared to the four-wheel drive model of Model Y, the power is stronger.


From the exposed parameters and images, it can be seen that the comprehensive performance of the Sea Lion is not inferior to that of the Model Y. Combined with the chassis design of the front double wishbone front suspension and the rear five link rear suspension, the vehicle will balance performance and comfort. If the price is not higher than the Tesla Model Y four-wheel drive model, it will be a good choice. Would you expect this car to be launched?