Chang’an makes a “hot model”?


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In August, 10039 units were delivered, and another model under (Chang’an) Deep Blue Automobile became a “hot model”. As a mid size SUV, the Deep Blue S7 has achieved such success in a short period of time, successfully entering the top 10 in the mid size SUV sales ranking. So what are the hard strengths of this model?

In the current new energy vehicle market, higher requirements have been put forward for the technology of automobile manufacturers. If a new energy vehicle wants to achieve good results in the market, outstanding design, rich configuration, strong power and low energy consumption, comfort and other “labels” are relatively key. As the deep blue SL03 has achieved stable results, many people also have certain expectations for the deep blue S7, indeed the comprehensive performance of this model is relatively ideal, and 14.99-20.290,000 yuan price range is more generous, naturally can achieve good results, so what are the core “label” of the deep blue S7?

The exterior design of the Deep Blue S7 has many memory points. Although the front face also adopts a combination of closed air intake grille and split headlights, the air intake grille has a clear sense of lines, the upper light group has a unique design, and the internal lens design is also quite innovative. The lower side is equipped with intelligent interactive lighting, and the interior is equipped with 696 LED light sources, which can be customized. Audi is said to be a “light factory”, But domestic car manufacturers have been able to “play with flowers” on the lights, successfully enhancing the sense of ceremony. The trapezoidal air intake is decorated with thick decorative strips on both sides, and the front bumper is relatively thick.

The side body of the new car looks a bit like a coupe SUV, with a length, width, and height of 4750 * 1930 * 1625mm, a wheelbase of 2900mm, an axle length ratio of nearly 0.618, and an aspect ratio of 84.2%. Therefore, the overall posture of the car body is quite sporty. The car windows are decorated with black decorative strips around them, and the front row is made of double-layer laminated glass, which can enhance the performance of NVH. The lines of the entire body are outlined with a strong sense of power, and the ribs at the lower skirt position maintain a large angle of inclination, enriching the layering of the body. The shape of the wheel hub carries a certain degree of aggression.

The rear of the car adopts a design of multiple horizontal lines, so the overall layering of the rear of the car is created quite well. The vertical high mounted brake lights and exaggerated rear bumper enhance the sporty properties. The tail light group adopts a through design, combined with a car logo that can be lit, and the visual effect after the tail light group is lit is relatively good. At the same time, the size of the rear bumper is wide, enhancing the visual center of gravity. The appearance of the new car has been designed in multiple details, resulting in a drag coefficient of only 0.258Cd for the Deep Blue S7.

The interior of the Deep Blue S7 is mainly designed in a simple style, with thick materials used inside the car. Most areas are wrapped in soft and leather materials, with clear stitching and 64 color ambient lights, enhancing the sense of class. The multifunctional steering wheel is round and flat, with a good grip. It is also equipped with neat physical buttons on both sides. The car is not equipped with a regular dashboard, but instead with a 53 inch AR-HUD head up display. This design is quite innovative. The control panel area is equipped with a wireless charging module and a cup holder, with a more advanced design and precise control of details.

Of course, current new energy vehicles need to perform better in terms of intelligence. From the perspective of intelligent configuration, the new car is equipped with a 15.6-inch “sunflower” central control screen, which can achieve a maximum of 15 ° rotation on the left and right sides. Additionally, it is equipped with a Qualcomm 8155 chip car computer system with a computing power of 105K DMIPS. This car computer system can achieve most of the functions inside the car, and the response speed is relatively fast. The AR-HUD has the best imaging sight distance of 7.5 meters and the best imaging size of 53 inches. It can display information such as mileage, vehicle speed, navigation arrows, and can achieve adaptive brightness adjustment according to different times and weather conditions.

At the level of intelligent driving assistance, the new car is equipped with the NID3.0 Navigation Intelligent Driving Assistance System and a highly intelligent integrated adaptive IACC, which can achieve high-level intelligent driving assistance functions such as following cruise, intelligent up and down ramps, and cruise speed limit. It has reached the L2+level and can successfully improve driving safety and driving experience.

It is worth mentioning that the comfort performance of the Deep Blue S7 is also quite good. The new car is equipped with dual zero gravity seats in the front row, and the seats are perforated. The seam description is clear, and the skin friendly feeling is good. The interior of the seats is made of composite 12mm thick sponge and 20mm thick polyurethane foam memory sponge, providing better support, combined with 4-way electric leg rest and 8-point massage function The 14 way electric adjustment and other functions of the co driver emphasize the driving experience, which is even closer to the ideal L7. In terms of load capacity, the new car has a trunk capacity of 435L, and the rear seats support a 4/6 ratio of tilting.

In terms of power, it is divided into pure electric version and extended range version. Currently, Changan Automobile’s extended range technology is indeed good, which can solve the problem of high fuel consumption due to low power consumption. The 1.5L engine has a maximum thermal efficiency of 96%, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 4.95L. It adopts a rear mounted rear wheel drive layout, with a total power of 175KW and a total torque of 320N. m, and an acceleration of only 7.6 seconds per 100 kilometers. In terms of range, the new car is equipped with a battery pack with a capacity of 18.99kWh and 31.73kWh, with pure electric range of 121KM and 200KM respectively. The maximum range in full state can reach 1120KM. The pure electric version accelerates for 6.7 seconds with a maximum motor power of 190kW, and the CLTC has a comprehensive range of 520km and 620km.

In terms of driving quality, the Deep Blue S7 first ensures the performance of NVH. In addition to being equipped with double-layer laminated glass, it also adopts NVH intelligent balance strategy, engine sensorless start strategy, low torsional vibration structure design under all working conditions, and howling frequency conversion active control technology. Thanks to the creation of the EPA1 fully electric digital platform, the weight distribution of the front and rear axles of the new car is close to 50:50, with standard rear wheel drive, and the overall driving quality is relatively advanced.

Summary: Obviously, in the mid size SUV market, the Deep Blue S7 is a relatively versatile product, while facing the Tesla Model Y, the Deep Blue S7 has a higher appearance value, more power options, and more ideal performance in comfort. I believe that with the continuous improvement of the Deep Blue car brand power, the Deep Blue S7 has the opportunity to achieve good results in the market. After all, consumers in the market are more rational now, and only a truly good product has the opportunity to be recognized.