How to Configure Dongfeng Nano EX1


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For families with children, there are people who pick up and drop off from school almost every day. Riding an electric bike is not convenient, and driving a regular sedan can easily get stuck at the school gate. Today, we recommend a small SUV with a flexible body and decent interior space, which is very suitable for picking up and dropping off children. Most importantly, the price is also relatively affordable. Let’s take a look at this Dongfeng New Energy EX1. The explanation model is the Dongfeng Nano 2023 PRO Light Wind Lightning version.

From an external perspective, the design of this car conforms to the public’s aesthetic of SUVs. The front design is very full, with a closed grille connected to the headlights on both sides, and silver chrome trim extending on both sides at the logo position, resembling the wings of a flying bird. The lower license plate frame is designed with a trapezoidal small grille.

From the side view, the car body is relatively neat, with a roof shelf at the top, black frames for the windows, black door handles, and black trim panels underneath the doors. The wheel arches are relatively wide and thick, giving it a very sporty overall feel.

In terms of interior design, this car adopts a relatively neat design, with a polygonal convex center console. In addition to the air conditioning multimedia control area, there is also a blank space above it. If you are interested, you can also install a LCD screen in a zigzag shape. The air conditioning vents on both sides adopt a circular structure, enhancing the fashion sense inside the car. The steering wheel is designed in a circular shape, and the door panel and central armrest area are adorned with red lines, giving it a delicate appearance.

In terms of power, the vehicle is equipped with a front electric motor with a maximum power of 33kW and a maximum torque of 125N · m. It is paired with a 15.97kWh capacity lithium iron phosphate battery pack, and the pure electric range of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is 201km, which is enough for a week’s commuting use in most cities.

To summarize, this car has very clear features, simple body design, and practicality as the main focus. If you want a model that is not expensive and can meet basic travel needs, then it is very suitable for you.