The production version of Equation Leopard 8 has made its debut, with a momentum that is no less impressive than peers Yangwang at U8


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Recently, at the Spring Launch Conference of Equation Leopard Motors, the hardcore flagship large SUV Equation Leopard 8 production version made its debut and is expected to be launched in the third quarter.

In terms of appearance, the overall design is majestic and stable, and the new car adopts a futuristic starship aesthetic design, which combines a sense of technology and power, making it unforgettable. The front face adopts a large area of black rectangular grille, which appears rugged and also helps to dissipate heat and reduce wind resistance. The design of the current matrix headlights combined with a narrow strip grille and the support of the through type tail lights highlight a sense of technology. In addition, the front bumper continues the family style design, while the lower part adopts a bite style structure. The daytime running lights and tail lights are also designed in a Starship aesthetic.

On the side and rear of the vehicle, the side profile presents the ultimate light and shadow effect of the Starship V-shaped surface metal cutting. The straight roofline and waistline extending from the front to the rear create a dynamic atmosphere. The hidden door handle, eye-catching yellow calipers, and large-sized wheel hub design cater to the aesthetic preferences of young people. The external spare tire at the rear of the car is obvious, and it also adopts a tail light design similar to a “C” shape, which is overall cool and clean. It is worth mentioning that the roof of the car is suspected to be a three observation tower type LiDAR, supporting advanced intelligent driving should have no suspense.

In terms of interior design, the official image has not been released yet. You can refer to the design style of the Leopard 5. The interior design is full of Cyber Cool, using a high-end color scheme of Eclipse Blue. The center console is equipped with a 15.6-inch multimedia screen, left instrument screen, and right entertainment screen, deepening the technological content of the interior. In addition, the new car will adopt a three row layout, with a body length of five meters, suitable for family travel.

In terms of power, the new car is expected to use a DMO super hybrid off-road platform, which can achieve off-road performance and comfortable urban travel. It is equipped with a hybrid system composed of a 2.0T engine and a Yunnian-P chassis. Specific parameters are yet to be announced.

Overall, the product performance of Equation Leopard 8 is good. After the new car is launched, it will engage in fierce battles with the Tank 700 Hi4T and Toyota’s new Prado.