The delivery of Xiaomi SU7 in the first month may exceed 10000 units! Lei Jun’s afternoon live chat on “opening for sale”


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The first month delivery volume of Xiaomi’s first electric vehicle, the SU7, will reach around 10000 units. According to the official statement of Xiaomi, when Xiaomi cars were officially launched on March 28th, 5000 initial models were delivered one by one from April. Moreover, the monthly production capacity of Xiaomi’s car factory is currently around 5000 units, and it is highly possible for Xiaomi SU7 to deliver 10000 units in the first month.

There are also reports that the production capacity of Xiaomi SU7 is still increasing, with an expected daily output of over 400 units. Based on this information, it is speculated that Xiaomi SU7’s monthly production can reach 12000 units, further increasing the number of deliveries in the first month. As of April 2nd, the number of lock orders for the Xiaomi SU7 has reached 40000 units. The delivery cycle for the standard version of the Xiaomi SU7 is expected to be 20-23 weeks, the Pro version is expected to be 19-22 weeks, and the Max version is expected to be 28-31 weeks. In the sales ranking data of Chinese new energy vehicle manufacturers released by a certain institution in the 15th week of 2024, the Xiaomi SU7 achieved sales of over 2000 units in its second week of launch, approaching NIO’s sales figures and far exceeding Tesla’s delivery of over 10000 units in its fourth month of launch.

At the same time, Lei Jun also announced on Weibo that he will have a live chat at 4 pm this afternoon, about the unexpected things that happened during the 20 days when the SU7 was launched. Many netizens have expressed that Mr. Lei should not be too serious during his live broadcast, as he is the well-known singer we are pursuing; Some netizens also expressed that production capacity can still be increased, and they can’t wait for the new car; Some people are asking whether Xiaomi will release SUVs, and the demand is particularly high; And whether the Xiaomi SU7 model will be released again, and so on. It seems that Lei Jun’s previous concerns about the lack of popularity of the Xiaomi SU7 are unnecessary.