The Chevrolet Explorer EV will be unveiled for the first time and is expected to be launched in August, based on GM’s Autonom platform


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The Chevrolet Explorer EV has made its debut, and the new car is built on General Motors’ all-electric Auton platform, with the same wheelbase as the Buick E4 and a similar powertrain. According to Chevrolet dealers, the Explorer EV is expected to go on sale in August.

The Explorer EV is much larger than the gasoline version of the Explorer, with the same wheelbase as the Buick E4. Adopting the Chevrolet brand’s new design language, the new car offers a dual RS/STD exterior with concealed door handles and a floating roof with illuminated light strips. The tail is shaped lower and sportier to enhance the aesthetics and practicality of the overall design.

In terms of interior, the Explorer EV adopts a new generation of interior design, equipped with an 11+17VCS giant screen, providing wireless Carplay/charging, 84-color ambient lighting, 3+7HUD real-time display and other functions. In addition, the new car is equipped with amenities such as electrically heated/ventilated memory seats, privacy glass, 220V in-vehicle power supply, and V2L external discharge. In terms of safe driving, the Explorer EV is equipped with the next-generation Super Cruise driver assistance system and NFC/mobile key.

In terms of power, the Explorer EV has a maximum power of 143 kW for the front motor and 68 kW for the rear motor, and is equipped with a 79.7 kW·h ternary lithium battery pack.