Kia’s all-new EV3 compact SUV was unveiled for its production teaser on May 23


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Recently, Kia officially released a teaser image of the production version of its new compact SUV, the Kia EV3 , and announced that the new car will officially debut on May 23. As an entry-level SUV model in Kia’s electrified family, the Kia EV3 will borrow the design concept of the EV5, 6, and 9 in terms of styling, and emphasize practicality.

Judging from the teaser image, the LED daytime running light clusters of the Kia EV3 adopt a vertical and horizontal design, and the high and low beam light clusters are vertically arranged on both sides of the front of the car and integrated with the front surround, the overall front shape is more aggressive, and the design language is basically the same as that of EV5 and other models. The C-pillar is designed with an intermittent exterior to create the visual impression of a floating roof, while a roof spoiler is also equipped to enhance the car’s sporty atmosphere.

In addition, the new tail light cluster also adopts an irregular style design, and the internal LED light source presents an irregular flow feeling. The rear spoiler is also equipped with a high-mounted brake light, and the continuous black panel in the middle of the trunk is equipped with features such as a camera. The Kia EV3 will be built on the E-GMP platform and is expected to be available in a single-motor variant, while a four-wheel drive performance version of the GT model is likely to be introduced. According to previous speculation by foreign media, the new car may provide two battery packs of 58kWh and 77.4kWh, and the cruising range may be about 500 kilometers.