Mecha Fashion Hardline Equation Leopard 3 Concept Car Released


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At the recently held Spring Launch Conference of the Equation Leopard brand, the Equation Leopard 3 concept car made its debut. This car, known as SUPER 3, will be built together with the Leopard 5 and Leopard 8 on the BYD DMO super hybrid off-road platform. However, the car will adopt pure electric drive and be positioned as a mid size SUV, officially classified as a trendy gaming expert. It is reported that the car will also meet with everyone at the Beijing Auto Show.

Looking at the new car, its appearance is quite different from the Leopard 5. It adopts a mecha style called “Star Wars Armor”, which is very compact and powerful overall. The grille is equipped with a display screen that supports multiple interaction modes, and its headlight design also appears bright and lively.

The side design of the new car fully showcases its tough SUV identity, with a complete set of extended wheel arches, small backpacks, and roof luggage racks. At the same time, it can be seen that the car also adopts a short front and rear suspension design to improve passability, and electronic rearview mirrors and hidden door handles are also appearing on the new car.

Moving to the rear of the car, the design of the Leopard 3 has a mix and match style. The large spoiler above the roof is sporty, the tail light design is fashionable, and the external spare tire design and rear bumper are off-road style. The combination of the three has a unique flavor. Its roof is still a drone apron, further expanding its usage scenarios and possibilities.

In terms of power, the specific power parameters for the Leopard 3, like the Leopard 8 and Leopard 9, have not been disclosed. However, based on the DMO platform, the four-wheel drive capability will definitely be available, and the power is expected to use pure electric drive.

Editor’s review:

Although the categories of new energy vehicles are already very diverse, pure electric hardcore SUV products are still very rare. Even if there are, they are mainly large SUVs such as the Mengshi 917 or Mercedes Benz G-Class pure electric. Therefore, it can be said that the Leopard 3 will enter a blue ocean market, and there are currently no products with similar designs. It has almost no competitors, but at the same time, market demand still needs to be developed.