New Car for 4.0T Hybrid/Car Length Over 5.3m/Optional Elevated Car Logo, Hongqi L1 Large Sedan Exposed


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Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is reported that the Hongqi L1 adopts a brand new styling design, with a body length of over 5.3 meters, and offers optional 3.0T hybrid system and 4.0T hybrid system power, with a dual color body coating available.

Based on the actual vehicle diagram, the front of the Hongqi L1 adopts a large-sized front grille design, with a vertical stripe shape inside. In addition, the front bumper also displays a unique personality. The tail design of the Hongqi L1 is relatively simple, with a radial shape inside the tail lights and chrome strips connecting the two tail lights. The rear bumper is equipped with red reflective strips.

According to the declaration information, the length, width, and height of Hongqi L1 are 5353/1998/1511 millimeters respectively, with a wheelbase of 3260 millimeters, and available in 4-seater and 5-seater models. At the same time, 19 inch and 20 inch wheels are available.

In addition, the Hongqi L1 also offers dual tone body paint and offers different styles of wheels. It is worth noting that the car can be equipped with a raised and lowered emblem, and comes standard with rear privacy glass and panoramic sunroof.

The Hongqi L1 offers two power options, namely a 3.0T hybrid system and a 4.0T hybrid system, with a maximum power of 290 kW for the 3.0T engine; The maximum power of the 4.0T engine is 360 kilowatts. Meanwhile, both power systems are matched with ternary lithium batteries, but the specific capacity is still unknown.