Named “Sonet”, official image of Yueda Kia’s new SUV Sonet, or launched at the Beijing Auto Show


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Recently, we learned from the official website of Yueda Kia that the new SUV Sonet has been officially named “Sonet (picture)” in Chinese, and the official image and some configuration information of the car have been released. In the Kia SUV product line, this car is positioned below Seltos in the market and belongs to the Kia entry-level SUV, which may replace the Yipao in the future.

It is reported that Sonet continues its model naming strategy since the Sportage Lion Platinum expansion, and its products launched in China adopt a globally unified naming convention. Specifically, the Chinese name “Sonet” is derived from the Chinese transliteration of the global name “Sonet”, expressing Kia’s alignment with global strategy in the Chinese market.

Overseas version of the new Sonet

Overseas version new Sonet (left), old Sonet (right)

The Kia Sonet series was first launched in 2020, and the 2024 Sonet has already been released in overseas markets. This model year can be understood as a mid-term facelift version.

The Yueda Kia Sonar basically adopts the design style of the 2024 overseas version, with the family’s iconic Tiger Roar design on the front face. In terms of details, the interior of the front grille adopts a dot matrix layout, and the bottom edge of the front bumper is decorated with silver.

Yueda Kia Sona features a black roof, black exterior mirrors, traditional style door handles, and 16 inch dual color wheels. According to previous declaration information, the length, width, and height of the vehicle are 4110/1790/1625 millimeters respectively, with a wheelbase of 2500 millimeters. Compared to the 2021 Yipao, it is longer, wider, and higher, but the wheelbase is 70 millimeters shorter.

In terms of body color matching, Sonar offers five body color options: Pearl White, Aurora Black, Olive Green, Pearl White (black top/dual color), and Leap Red (black top/dual color).

Yueda Kia Sona

Equipped with LCD instrument panel

With physical buttons

Previously, Dongchedi had already captured the real car of Yueda Kia Sona. It can be seen that the interior of the car adopts Kia’s latest design style, providing a dual 10.25-inch LCD instrument panel and multimedia display screen. The car’s infotainment system supports functions such as navigation, mobile phone connectivity, and online music. There are also physical buttons below the central control screen to control the air conditioning and vehicle settings.

Wireless charging for mobile phones

Can be opened small-sized sunroof

Front manually adjustable seats

In terms of configuration, Yueda Kia Sonar provides automatic headlights, automatic air conditioning, electrically folding rearview mirrors, front manually adjustable seats, wireless charging for mobile phones, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping, hill descent control, sunroof and other configurations. In addition, Yueda Kia Sona will be equipped with an L2 level intelligent driving assistance system.

Equipped with a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine

It is reported that the Yueda Kia Sonar will be equipped with a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 84.7 kilowatts, and the transmission system will be matched with a CVT continuously variable transmission.

The Yueda Kia Sonar belongs to the Kia entry-level SUV model, with competitors including the Binyue, GAC Trumpchi GS3, Camic, and other models. According to sales data, in March of this year, the sales of similar positioned Yipao were 745 units, ranking 24th on the sales list of small SUVs. If Yueda Kia Sona replaces Yipao in the future, do you think it has the strength to achieve higher sales? Welcome to leave a message after the article.