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In mid September this year, the 2023 BYD Tang EV Champions Edition was officially launched. The new car launched this time only has three different configuration models to choose from, and the configuration differentiation is very clear, which is very friendly for users who have difficulty choosing. After the update, the difficulty of obtaining the new car has been further reduced. Nowadays, the minimum configuration model can be purchased for less than 250000 yuan. Today, let’s take a look at how to choose three different configurations of the Tang EV Champions Edition.

Highlights: L2 level driving assistance function, FSD variable damping suspension, Dana audio system

Recommended star rating: 4 stars

Comment: The 2023 Tang EV Champions Edition is an entry-level and high-end model. L2 level driving assistance, 360 degree panoramic imaging, FSD variable damping suspension, and a 15.6-inch rotatable central control screen are all standard across the entire series. The Tang EV Champions Edition even comes standard with a 12 speaker Dana sound system, which is not commonly seen in BYD models. Unfortunately, the vehicle comes standard with 7 seats, and choosing 6 seats would cost an additional 7000 yuan. At the same time, the vehicle does not come standard with Nappa leather seats, which need to be bundled with the 6-seater optional package for installation. But overall, buying a fully equipped and 600km range pure electric mid size SUV for less than 250000 yuan is quite popular.

Highlight configuration: 730km pure electric range, 5 millimeter wave radars, automatic lane change assistance

Recommended star rating: 5 stars

Comment: The price of this version of the model is 20000 yuan higher than the previous version, in exchange for stronger endurance and more comprehensive driving assistance functions. The editor thinks this is really worth it. The main reason is that most people purchase SUVs in preparation for future self driving trips. If you only commute to the city center, you can choose smaller cars that are easier to drive. Since it’s a self driving trip, both endurance and assisted driving ability are indispensable. The former can broaden your travel radius, while the latter can make your journey easier. So in my opinion, this version of Tang EV is the most recommended.

Highlights: Zero speed acceleration of 4.4s, second row seat ventilation/heating, karaoke function

Recommended star rating: 3 stars

Comment: With an additional 30000 yuan in the car purchase budget, you can choose the Tang EV Champions 635km four-wheel drive flagship model. Compared to the previously introduced version, this version of the model has stronger power performance and comes standard with a second row independent seat for better comfort. In addition, this version also has features such as electric steering wheel adjustment, digital keys, and karaoke function. However, the above configurations give the impression that they are more like icing on the cake than essential items. Considering that the price of this version of the car is close to 300000 yuan, I would not recommend friends who pursue the ultimate cost-effectiveness to choose, but please feel free!


As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the three different configurations of the Tang EV Champions Edition correspond to three different consumer groups, pursuing high cost-effectiveness, long-distance demand, and performance control. It’s relatively easy for everyone to choose. Moreover, the sales network of BYD Dynasty Network is gradually expanding, making it easier for everyone to watch, buy, and maintain cars in the future.​