BYD Seagull 2023 Free Edition has seen a significant increase in salesReasons and product highlights


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Recently, the 2023 BYD Seagull Free Edition has attracted widespread attention due to its outstanding sales performance. In this article, we will analyze why the BYD Seagull is so popular in terms of exterior design, interior elements, and power, and introduce its product highlights.

In terms of appearance design, BYD Seagull continues BYD’s “ocean aesthetics” design language, incorporating recognizable seagull animal form lines and design elements. The front face features a closed grille and seagull shaped headlights, showcasing a sharp and aggressive style.

The side lines of the car have a strong sense of sportiness, and the waistline design makes the overall design more dynamic. The design of the taillight assembly and spoiler component at the rear of the car echoes the front face, highlighting personalization and recognition.

In terms of interior design, BYD Seagull adopts the same marine family interior design style, creating a simple and atmospheric visual effect. Equipped with a 7-inch floating full LCD instrument panel and a 10.1-inch floating central control screen, equipped with DiLink intelligent networking system, and equipped with voice recognition function. The design of the steering wheel and rolling physical buttons meets ergonomic requirements.

In terms of power, the BYD Seagull is built on the BYD e-platform 3.0, equipped with a front single motor, a total power of 55kW, a total torque of 135N · m, a total horsepower of 75Ps, and an electric vehicle single speed gearbox. The maximum speed reaches 130km/h, and the acceleration time from 0-50km/h is 4.9 seconds. The vehicle provides two specifications of lithium iron phosphate blade battery packs, with energies of 30.08kWh and 38.88kWh, and a range of 305km and 405km under CLTC conditions, respectively.

Overall, the BYD Seagull 2023 Free Edition has outstanding features in terms of exterior design, interior elements, power performance, and range. Its unique exterior design, highly recognizable interior style, and excellent power performance and range have attracted the favor of many consumers. Especially for consumers who pursue personalized fashion and focus on daily commuting, BYD Seagull has considerable appeal. Therefore, we can understand why BYD Seagull saw a significant increase in sales in August 2023, gaining market recognition and consumer love.

In short, the BYD Seagull 2023 Free Edition has gained widespread recognition and attention in the market due to its unique exterior design, comfortable interior elements, excellent power performance, and long range. The successful sales of this model demonstrate consumers’ full recognition of its product highlights.