Geely Firefly, First Choice for Traveling


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If you have a budget of 60000 to 70000 yuan and want to buy a pure electric scooter, there are a wide variety of products available in the automotive market today. Today we will bring you three models of the 2024 Geely Geometry E Firefly, priced at 69800 yuan, 76800 yuan, and 89800 yuan, respectively.

The overall appearance and styling have not changed much, and it looks fashionable and personalized. The enclosed grille on the front face is more clean and minimalist, highlighting the identity of a new energy vehicle. The front light group adopts a split design, with a continuous LED light strip above and two square high and low beams below, giving it a feeling of “little ideal”. The new car offers three color schemes for consumers to choose from in terms of appearance and interior.

The overall dimensions of the vehicle are 4006/1765/1550mm in length, width, and height, with a wheelbase of 2485mm. It is positioned as a small SUV and is larger than Wuling Binguo and BYD Seagull in terms of three dimensions. There hasn’t been much change in the side design, and it still features a geometric family style double waistline design. On the left side of the front fender is a slow charging interface, while on the right side is a fast charging interface. The wheel arches and side skirts of the vehicle are also adorned with black plastic decorative panels, which to some extent enhances the wildness of this small car.

The entire tire series uses 205/60 R16 Linglong tires, and compared to cars of the same price range and type still using narrow tires with widths of 175 and 185, Geely’s material usage is more sincere.

The tail has hardly changed, but the editor still likes this hollow out tail wing design, which looks quite dynamic and belongs to the mood piece. There is also a high mounted brake light integrated above it. The rear taillight group is a fluorescent LED taillight, which looks ordinary and not as recognizable as the one on the front.

As a type of transportation car, the space is precious. Opening the trunk can reveal the entire depth, and there are also hollowed out small storage slots on both sides of the wheel arches, which can store some small items. The overall edges and corners are also very neat, and there are no extra structures occupying space. It is definitely suitable for daily use.

If you need to move large items, simply press the two buttons on the backrest of the rear seat and push it forward to lower the rear seat. Moving some small household appliances after lowering it is not a big problem.

Entering the car, this white exterior of the actual car features a black and white color scheme in the interior. The overall design still features a straight line design paired with a hubby cockpit, a three spoke multifunction steering wheel, a 10.25-inch instrument panel, and a 10.25-inch central control screen, creating a dual screen design that continues the consistent sense of technological warmth. But the 10.25-inch instrument panel, electric sunroof, and intelligent driving assistance are three optional packages, totaling 3000 yuan, depending on whether you have any needs.

The overall smoothness of the 10.25-inch central control screen is quite good, and the UI interface is also very simple and distinct, without too high learning costs, meeting daily usage needs without too much problem.

The biggest change in the interior is the use of a shift lever design in the 2024 model, which makes the central aisle area cleaner. Although most of the functions are integrated into the screen, there are still physical buttons for defogging the front and rear windows and double flashing below the air conditioning.

In the central aisle area, there is a storage slot with a good depth in front, which is quite convenient for daily storage of car keys, phones, and other items. The two USB charging ports also increase the convenience of charging. Previously, two cup holders were added to the gear lever area, improving the storage capacity of the car.

Arriving at the back row, the driver’s seat was adjusted to a normal driving posture of 185cm. The back row was slightly cramped, and the cushion was not too tight on the legs. Short distance rides were still fine, and the comfort level for children or women should also be decent, after all, the size of the car body is here.

In addition, compared to the four seater models of Wuling Bingo and BYD Seagull, the Geely Geometry E Firefly is a five seater model with three seat belts and independent headrests in the rear.

The most interesting thing about the entire rear row is that there is also a storage box called “tatami” that can be pulled out under the seats on both sides. In addition to storing items, the editor believes that for female car owners who love beauty, it is more convenient and elegant to store their sports shoes inside during driving, which is a very user-friendly design.

In terms of power, the 2024 Geely Geometry E Firefly is equipped with a 60 kW motor, a maximum horsepower of 82 horsepower, and a peak torque of 130 Nm. The battery material is lithium iron phosphate battery, with a 29.67 degree battery range of 301 km and a 39.3 degree battery range of 401 km, supporting a maximum external discharge power of 3.3 kW. The most worried thing about purchasing a pure electric vehicle is the three electric system, and the official policy has also provided the first owner (non operating) with a lifetime warranty benefit for the three electric system.


Seeing this, I believe you already have a sufficient understanding of this scooter on the screen. If you want to buy a scooter, can the Geely Geometry E Firefly be the model you are considering? Welcome to leave comments and discuss in the comment section!