Third generation CS55PLUS cosmetic surgery, blue whale 1.5T, eating “92 coarse grains”


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Although the trend of new energy vehicles is already clear enough, from the perspective of sales structure, traditional fuel vehicles are still very competitive, and will not be replaced in at least a few short years. Especially for domestic car brands, their mature classic fuel vehicle series still has a basic sales volume. For example, Changan Automobile’s CS75plus and CS55plus are still the main sales force and need to maintain a certain pace of updates. Recently, the third generation CS55plus model was officially launched, and this time it has indeed streamlined the style of the model, but it still comes with a focus on volume.

The starting guide price for the third-generation Changan CS55plus is 99900 yuan, while the high-end and noble model is only 113900 yuan, with a price range that is relatively close to the 2022 Blue Whale version. Both are compact SUVs, and this car is slightly lower than the CS75plus, targeting a more entry-level segment of the market.

From the size positioning, it can be seen that the total length of the Changan CS55plus is only 4539mm, the body width is 1865mm, and the wheelbase is 2656mm, which does not reach the 2.7 meter mark. Therefore, compared to the 3rd generation Haval H6 or Changan CS75plus, the appearance will look significantly smaller by 1 size, and the rear legroom experience will also be slightly cramped. However, in the price range of 100000 yuan, the practicality of this car is already good, and it is no problem meeting the common travel needs of most families.

It is worth mentioning that the appearance of the third-generation model has undergone a significant facelift, with a scattered frameless intake grille similar to the Gravity series on the front face. Narrow LED headlights are on both sides, and the original fog lamp positions are decorated with chrome. The muscle feel of the side lines of the car body is significantly enhanced, especially when the waistline extends to the C-pillar position, which has a clear three-dimensional feeling.

As an entry-level compact SUV that focuses on being friendly to the people, the interior of the Changan CS55plus is not luxurious, but it does not have a noticeable cheap plastic feel. At least the parts that are frequently touched have contrast colored leather soft bags. The design of the center console is somewhat similar to the French style. The steering wheel is not traditional circular, and the digital LCD instrument panel comes with a separate light shield. The center console is a large floating navigation car screen.

After streamlining the configuration this time, the third generation has only three different configuration versions, all with the same power configuration. It has abandoned the low-power version of the 1.5T engine, which has a maximum output power of 188 horsepower and only needs to burn 92 gasoline. When paired with a 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission, the acceleration is quite positive and there is no feeling of procrastination. The key is that in this price range, independent front and rear suspension systems are provided, and the driving quality is also good.

Overall, the design of the Changan CS55plus caters to the new aesthetic, with slight improvements in details and configurations. Even with a starting guide price of less than 100000 yuan, it still has the appeal of a friendly car.