Geely Galaxy’s new technological flagship SUV prototype, the Galaxy Starship, made its world premiere


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At this year’s Beijing Auto Show, Geely Galaxy’s booth will subvert its previous image and transform from an automobile booth to a “science and technology museum” that gathers black technology.

Dozens of the latest, hottest and strongest car-making technologies in the industry, such as hybrid drive integration and space-ground integrated satellite technology.

And as the culmination of Geely’s cutting-edge technology, Geely Galaxy’s new technology flagship SUV prototype #Galaxy Starship# will make its world premiere here.

Since then, there has been an # Chinese Thor # that can run 2000km in the independent brand, and its emergence will bring the lowest loss of electricity and fuel consumption into the 2L era. If you’re a tech enthusiast and want a car that goes far and eats less, don’t miss it.