The Polestar Synergy Concept debuted and will most likely not be mass-produced


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A few days ago, the Polestar Synergy electric concept sports car made its debut in China. The exterior of the new car shows a spirit of advanced exploration, and the interior was designed by Chinese designer Li Yingxiang, so there is a high probability that such an advanced design will not be mass-produced.

In terms of appearance, the Polestar Synergy has a body length of 4.56m and a height of only 1.07m, the whole car adopts a streamlined design, with the brand’s signature headlight cluster, a hollow design between the raised wheel arches and the body, an extremely smooth body surface, a deflector wind blade on both sides of the body, and an adjustable rear wing in the center of the tail, the car’s aerodynamic performance is very good.

Inside, the interior of the Polestar Synergy features a single-seater layout with racing harnesses and a digital instrument cluster shaped like an airplane joystick with a digital display in the centre of the steering wheel.

Comments: Polestar Synergy is the culmination of the third edition of the Polestar Global Design Competition, which was built by the design team over a period of six months, and the stunning silhouette of the body is visually striking, showcasing Polestar’s vision for the future of design. Due to its advanced design concept, this car may stay in the concept stage forever, but some design concepts will appear on the brand’s future new bodies, and we expect more advanced designs to appear on the “own car”.