Cost performance is the king’s way


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The 100000 yuan sedan market has always been a must-have place for car owners, and the addition of new energy has swept everything from design to configuration, intelligence to performance. However, in the final analysis, cost-effectiveness is the fundamental factor for us people to choose cars. Today, we are talking about a pure electric family sedan with outstanding cost-effectiveness – the Geometric G6. It has a range of 500km/h, a top speed of 165km/h, and an acceleration of 6.9 seconds per 100 km/h. It has front wheel drive, and the price starts at 119800 yuan. Let’s take a closer look at what else touches people about this car.

At first glance, the 2024 Geometry G6 still retains its familiar yet unfamiliar appearance features. As a facelift model, this car has not undergone extensive changes in its exterior design, but instead focuses on up to 30 upgrades to the three electric system, interior, and intelligent comfort configuration. The compact body design makes it very suitable for urban commuting and short to medium distance travel, but the interior space is still sufficient to meet the needs of family travel.

In terms of appearance, the Geometry G6 continues the design style of “Future of Light Language” and also incorporates X design elements. The front face adopts a closed front grille and a through type headlight assembly, presenting a unique visual effect. The front of the car is surrounded by an additional “eight shaped” flow channel, making the entire front face look more dynamic. The side adopts a double waistline design, with a smooth and dynamic main waistline and a simple and agile lower waistline, which not only reduces wind resistance but also adds a streamlined aesthetic to the body.

The door handle of the vehicle adopts a hidden design, which is in line with the current trend, while the addition of 17 inch low drag aluminum alloy wheels further enhances the appearance appeal of the vehicle. At the rear of the car, the logo has changed from “GEOMETRY” to “GEELY”.

In terms of front lighting, the Geometry G6 adopts a reflective LED light group, which provides light close to the color temperature of sunlight at night, not only improving energy efficiency but also reducing energy consumption. The automatic headlight system avoids the possible misuse of lighting in daily life, which is a small but practical improvement for this price range of vehicles.

In terms of interior, the 2024 Geometry G6 is equipped with a 10.2-inch LCD instrument panel and a 14.6-inch central control screen. The built-in Huawei car machine module is equipped with 8 core CPUs, 8GB of running memory, and 128GB of storage space, ensuring fast system response. The car engine system adopts the “Geometry Home” UI interaction design, bringing a new user experience to the driver.

The design of the bumper allows for full utilization of the space below the center console, eliminating the need for hands to leave the steering wheel during operation, enhancing convenience. The driving mode provides three modes: ultimate endurance, comfort, and sport, with increasing power output. The comfort mode is sufficient to provide sufficient power, linear acceleration, and a certain sense of push back. The battery version is 100kW, and when the energy recovery is set to low mode, the deceleration feeling is not much different from traditional gasoline cars, but an unusual power response can be clearly felt during the starting acceleration process.

For beginners, the G6 series comes standard with a comfortable brake stop function, which can automatically adjust the braking force when the vehicle is about to stop, reducing discomfort during deceleration. At the same time, the new generation OneBox control energy recovery system better utilizes kinetic energy recovery during deceleration, and officials claim to be able to increase the range by more than 15% compared to the old model.

In terms of seats, the front and rear seats of the G6 are more focused on support and wrapping, reducing fatigue during prolonged sitting. The driver’s seat supports 6-way electric adjustment, while the passenger seat is manually adjusted.

The digital instrument panel provides driving information, navigation, and multimedia data display. The 14.6-inch multimedia large screen supports 1080p high-definition image quality, is equipped with the HarmonyOS operating system, and has a fast startup speed with almost no waiting time. The overall user experience is similar to that of a large-sized smartphone. Most functions can be operated through high recognition rate speech recognition, enabling drivers to quickly get started.

The design below the central control is also very clever, providing space for phone charging and placement, as well as two USB and Type-C interfaces. At the same time, the vehicle also supports wireless charging, with a power of up to 15W, which will not cause the phone to heat up during charging. However, it should be pointed out that the rear seats of the vehicle do not have a central armrest, which may be slightly insufficient during long-distance travel.

As a compact pure electric sedan, the Geometry G6 fully considers ride comfort by reducing the height of the central protrusion on the rear floor and increasing rear legroom. The rear seats are suitable for two passengers, while the middle seat is relatively comfortable. The rear seats also provide air vents and charging ports.

The vehicle is also equipped with a series of driving assistance systems, such as adaptive cruise control, lane keeping, front collision warning, pedestrian recognition protection, multi target recognition, and traffic sign recognition, providing comprehensive safety protection. In terms of parking, the Geometry G6 provides a 360 degree high-definition panoramic image and rear parking radar, helping drivers easily complete parking maneuvers.

Geometry G6 provides two interfaces for fast and slow charging. According to official data, for models with a range of 500 kilometers, when the remaining battery is between 30% and 80%, fast charging can be completed in only 20 minutes, while charging for 100 kilometers can be completed in only 8 minutes. Considering that the total weight of the vehicle when fully loaded is less than 2 tons, overall, the Geometry G6 is a pure electric vehicle that is close to the driving and usage experience of traditional fuel vehicles, but is easier to drive than traditional fuel vehicles.

Overall, the 2024 Geometry G6 maintains a unique design in terms of appearance, which is more in line with the aesthetic of contemporary young people. It has undergone a comprehensive upgrade in terms of interior and technological configuration. It provides a comfortable riding experience, safe driving performance, and intelligent configuration with full sincerity. From a price of 119800 to 147800 yuan, it is a pure electric vehicle with high cost-effectiveness. Whether it’s urban commuting or short distance travel, the Geometry G6 can meet the needs of drivers and also provide a good choice for environmentally friendly and energy-saving travel. What do you think of this car? Welcome to leave a message, interact, and discuss together.