Chery QQ Ice Cream New Models Launched


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Recently, the author learned from the official website of Chery New Energy that Chery QQ Ice Cream has launched a new 170km Sundae+model, with an official guide price of 48900 yuan. The new car can be regarded as the top of the Chery QQ Ice Cream 170km range series, with adjustments made to the functional configuration based on the 170km sundae model.

As a new model, the power system, appearance, and interior design of the new car are not fundamentally different from the Chery QQ Ice Cream 170km Sundae model. The main feature is the addition of a fast charging function. Under the official nominal fast charging mode, it takes 1.25 hours for the vehicle’s battery to increase from 30% to 80%, while the price difference between the two models is 3000 yuan.

In addition, the Chery QQ Ice Cream 170km Sundae+model also comes standard with halogen headlights, 12 inch steel rims, multifunctional steering wheel, manual 4-way adjustment of front seats, electric heating and cooling air conditioning, driver’s airbag, tire pressure alarm, rear reversing radar, reversing camera and other functional configurations.

In fact, Chery QQ Ice Cream completed a facelift in August of this year, with an innovative exterior design featuring a brand new style logo and front bumper vents. At the same time, horizontal decorative strips were added on both sides of the front bumper. In addition, the length, width, and height of Chery QQ ice cream are 3008/1496/1637 millimeters respectively, with a wheelbase of 1960 millimeters. Two new body colors, “Hazelnut Brown” and “Dragon Tongue Blue”, are added, and support matching black and white roofs.

In terms of interior design, Chery QQ ice cream is equipped with a D-shaped steering wheel and a rotary electronic gear shifting mechanism. A triple knob is set below the central air conditioning outlet, and some models also offer a color LCD combination instrument panel. In addition, Chery QQ Ice Cream supports 13 mobile apps for remote car control, including air conditioning, light control, car lock, welcome, car search, positioning, car inspection, battery level, and other one click controls.

In terms of power, the entire Chery QQ ice cream series adopts a rear wheel drive form, with the 120km and 170km endurance series models equipped with a maximum power of 20 kW and a peak torque of 85 N · m drive motor, and equipped with 9.4 kWh and 13.6 kWh power battery packs respectively; The maximum power of the driving motor for the 205km endurance model is 30 kW, with a peak torque of 90 N · m, and a 17.4 kWh power battery pack as the energy storage device.

As a micro pure electric vehicle under Chery New Energy, Chery QQ Ice Cream’s competitors mainly target models of the Wuling Hongguang MINIEV, Geely Panda Mini, and Changan Lumin levels. Among them, 5775 units were sold in August this year, and there is a significant gap in market performance compared to the peak period.

From the current information, it can be seen that the Chery QQ ice cream 170km sundae+model adopts a strategy of “increasing configuration and price”, but the overall change is not significant, so the new car’s promotion of overall sales may be relatively limited.