Is it difficult for the clouds to turn over?


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Blindly placing orders for 10 days exceeded 10000, and received 5000 orders on the first day of listing. I am confident that I am not afraid of exploding orders. The production capacity in the first month can reach 6500 units, and it can be expanded to 10000 units in the future. That’s right, these are the Baojun Clouds. If you just look at these, you may think that Baojun Clouds have already sold out. Although some brand executives personally stepped down to warm up and the new car had a high popularity before its launch, in fact, Baojun Clouds only sold 1830 units in the entire August.

As a comparison, BYD Dolphin, one of the direct competitors of Baojun Cloud, sold 22096 units that month and has maintained strong market competitiveness. And Dolphin’s outstanding market performance once made the Deputy General Manager of SAIC GM Wuling Brand Business Unit envious. He exclaimed, “Dolphin sold so much in May, my colleagues, envy and jealousy!” But then he also stated that Yunduo is quite impressive in terms of space, configuration, battery life, appearance, and intelligence. Unfortunately, consumers clearly do not think so.

However, the cold sales situation of Yunduo did not make the official choose to give up, and the plan to save sales is also very simple. Since the current model cannot be bought well, then use the new model to make up for it. Previously, the official announced that the Baojun Yunduo Lingxi version of the car will be officially launched on September 26th, and this model will be equipped with a richer range of intelligent assistance configurations, making up for the disadvantage of the previous lack of L2 level assistance in the entire series.

According to existing information, the changes in the new model are not significant. The comfort configuration is completely consistent with the 460km Max version, and the two main selling points of “big space” and “big sofa” will be retained. The length, width, and height of the entire vehicle are 4295/1850/1651mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2700mm. The power and endurance are expected to be consistent with it.

But the first launch will be equipped with an 8 megapixel inertial navigation binocular camera, combined with 4 surround cameras, 1 rear monocular camera, 6 front ultrasonic radars, and 1 millimeter wave forward radar to form the core perception hardware, and equipped with Lingxi Intelligent Driving 2.0, which can support the only 0-130km/h full speed intelligent driving assistance in the same class, bringing a stronger intelligent experience.

From the official promotion of the “150000 level high-end intelligent driving only model”, the price of the Lingxi version is bound to rise. Currently, the price range of the Baojun Cloud is 95800 to 123800 yuan, and the pricing rate of the new model is probably between 130000 to 14000 yuan.

Unfortunately, the Lingxi version of the car also seems a bit out of time. Currently, there is still a week left before the release of the car, while its top competitor, BYD Dolphin, recently announced that it will bring 500000 cars offline on September 22 and will also launch the Dolphin 500000 commemorative model. According to some dealers’ reports, the price of this car will also be over 130000 yuan, which clearly puts Baojun Yunduo in the first place.

According to the exposed news, the commemorative model has added a more sporty package to its exterior, with a larger front bumper structure that looks thicker and heavier. The roof has undergone a smoked black treatment, highlighting the overall sporty style and looking more like a performance cannon. Although the power information has not yet been disclosed, to qualify as a “steel cannon”, one must at least have the same strength as the current 130kW motor.

In addition, there are reports that the Dolphin 500000 commemorative model is likely to upgrade the rear suspension to a multi link independent suspension, improving the comfort inside the car.

At present, the competition in the 100000 level pure electric vehicle market is already very fierce. Recently, SAIC Volkswagen ID.3 waved its hand and directly reduced the price to around 125900 yuan. However, almost all of the previously launched pre sales of the Koala also had a starting price of around 130000 yuan. The pressure on Baojun Yunduo itself is no longer small.

Now, to create another BYD Dolphin Commemorative Edition model, the pressure for the upcoming Baojun Cloud Rhino Edition is naturally “going to the next level”. After all, the two are not of the same magnitude in terms of market sales and user base, and how to cope is a big challenge.


From the current market situation, consumers have become increasingly cautious in their car purchase choices, and naturally they will compare which of these cars is more worth buying. However, in the absence of their own brand influence, if Yunduo wants to turn around, they may need to come up with some surprises to impress consumers. So, do you think the Lingxi version can save Yunduo’s sales?