The entry range is over 700KM, the whole system standard is 800V, and wrestling arm with Xiaomi SU7.


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Recently, the new smart S7 was officially launched,there are total 5 models, and provided more worthy rights and interests for users to improve the cost performance of the vehicle.

Quick overview of pros and cons

Advantages: Standard 800V platform, intelligent driving system upgrade, optional air suspension

Disadvantages: the market volume is serious, and whether it can be turned over depends on market performance

The new car follows the classic closed shape, with a through-band light and a matrix style of near and far light, which looks quite technological when lit. Under the headlights, the smooth transition curve extends to both sides to the air duct, giving the smart S7 a wider effect.

The new car adopts a sliding back body design, the posture of the front low and the rear high has a feeling of forward diving, with hidden door handles and smooth body lines, the vehicle wind resistance coefficient can be as low as 0.203Cd. Depending on the configuration, each model will be equipped with 21-inch forged rims, Brembo brake calipers and ventilated perforated brake discs. The new car has a body size of 4971/1963/1474mm and a wheelbase of 2950mm. The rear of the car adopts a penetrating rear taillight group. It is worth mentioning that the opening button of the rear trunk is designed in the middle position of the letter “D” in the LOGO of “LUXEED”.

Inside the car, the new car has a circular layout with two floating screens, a 12.3-inch all-LCD instrument and a 15.6-inch center control screen with Huawei HarmonyOS 4 smart cockpit system. Super Desktop 2.0 supports full mobile applications, and HUAWEI MagLink can expand the screen for the rear row. In addition, the on-board intelligent assistant Xiaoyi will be connected to Huawei’s Pangu model in May.

The smart S7 is equipped with HUAWEI ADS intelligent driving assistance system, equipped with the M9 of the same 192 line Lidar, Yu Chengdong is known as the “strongest intelligent driving”, can achieve road can open, and the coverage is quite wide, urban navigation function opened area covers more than 40,000 cities and towns, urban main roads, branch roads can open in full, in addition, the smart S7 can realize full-scene intelligent parking, automatically adapt to various complex road conditions, so that parking becomes more convenient.

In the power part, the smart S7 is standard equipped with HUAWEI DriveONE 800V high pressure silicon carbide efficient power platform, which accelerates at the fastest speed of 3.3 seconds. The new car is available in single-motor two-drive and dual-motor four-drive versions. The two-drive model has a drive motor with a maximum power of 296 horsepower, while the four-drive version has 496 horsepower. In terms of battery life, the battery life range of different versions of CLTC is 630 km, 705 km, 751 km and 855 km respectively. In addition, the intelligent field S7 is equipped with Huawei Turing chassis, suspension for the front two-fork arm, the rear five-link structure, equipped with intelligent air suspension and CDC variable damping shock absorber.