Lixiang L7 evaluation: the body length is 5 meters, the wheelbase is 3 meters, and the “queen bed mode” space is better.


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Large space, large size models are gradually accepted by consumers, so many brands have begun to build some large cars, and the air conditioning, color TV are “moved” to the car, as if the car as the user’s “mobile home.” Today, let’s take a look at the comprehensive strength of Lixiang L7.

Through the appearance, the models under the ideal are basically no different, and they are relatively wide bodies. The shape of the front face is relatively regular, and the package design is adopted. And this front face looks like a “cliff” style design style, the visual impact is still good. Through the light strip slim, and curved design to better extend the visual effect of the lights. The side of the body is relatively square, and the description of the lines on the body is not particularly clear, but the visual effect is relatively smooth. The tail is solid, the spoiler is tall, and the entire rear surround is solid.


The interior shape is exquisite, and it looks no different from Lixiang L8 and L9, it is still the traditional dual large screen, and the fluency of the center control screen is good, when we click on some software, we can give a faster response, which shows that the system fluency of this car is still good.

When we drive out, the co-pilot can also turn on the co-pilot screen separately to watch a movie, and then turn down the sound to avoid affecting the driving of the main driver. People with motion sickness should not try to watch a movie in a car.

In fact, in the winter, we drive to work early in the morning, the cockpit is very cool, and even if it is directly open the air conditioning, it will be difficult to warm up for a while, or it will take a long time. At this time, the heating of the seat and steering wheel is more important. After we get on the car and directly open the seat and steering wheel heating function, we can feel the gradually rising temperature of our hands and hips, and the temperature can be added to the hottest within about 3 minutes, at this time our hands and hips are basically very warm, and the hot air will therefore “run” into our body. Then through the assistance of air conditioning, the temperature in the car can heat up quickly, so that our bodies warm up.

Of course, if we go out camping, there is no bed, then we can only lie on the seat to rest, and the seat in order to have a better package for the human body, so it is not very smooth. This car’s large bed mode, in fact, is to overcome this, as long as we remove the front seat headrest, and then after we open the “large bed mode”, the front seat can automatically adjust to be parallel to the rear seat, and the front seat leg support will be extended, so that we lie flat with better support. In addition, if we have an air mattress in the car, then you can directly spread it, and then lie down, so that the seat becomes a big bed, lying flat will be more comfortable.

The body parameters of the car reached 5050*1995*1750mm, the wheelbase reached 3005mm, the trunk volume was 801L, and the maximum mass of the full load was 3130kg.

In terms of power, extended range power is adopted, the total power of the motor reaches 330kW, the total torque reaches 620N·m, the pure electric range of CLTC reaches 225km, 286km, the comprehensive range of CLTC is 1360km, 1421km, and the fastest acceleration of 100 km is 5.3 seconds.

Summary: In fact, the interior space of this model is not much different from L8 and L9, which are relatively large Spaces, and the three-meter wheelbase can enable the vehicle to open the “big bed mode”, there is more space.