With a 21mm increase in body height, the new Haval Raptor will be launched today


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In the past two years, the hard-core design of the square box shape has been favored by more and more people, and various car companies have begun to make off-road vehicles, among which Haval is a relatively early domestic brand to enter this track, and now the 2024 Haval Raptor will also be launched today.

Since it is an off-road orientation, let’s look at the changes related to off-road first. The body of the new car is raised by 21mm, the minimum ground clearance is increased to 221mm (the current model is 200mm), the wading depth is increased to 580mm (the current model is 560mm), the approach angle is 25 degrees (the current model is 24 degrees), the departure angle is 32 degrees (the current model is 30 degrees), and the longitudinal passing angle is 20.1 degrees (the current model is 19 degrees).

The appearance has not changed much, mainly adding two body colors, storm yellow and ink Jiangnan gray, and the body is still a square box shape, which is more tough than the Haval dog.

The interior is almost the same as the current model, equipped with two large screens, some commonly used physical buttons have been retained, in fact, many electric vehicles have begun to retain physical buttons, after all, some functions are hidden in the large screen and it is troublesome to operate.

In terms of power, the new car is expected to use the same 1.5T+Hi4 intelligent four-wheel drive electric hybrid technology as the current model, with a maximum power of 1.5T engine of 123kW, equipped with two battery packs of 19.09kWh and 27.54kwh, but the official said that the electric four-wheel drive technology will be upgraded, which will bring lower energy consumption.