The first pure electric SUV in the Fengyun series, the official picture of Chery Fengyun E06 was released


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A few days ago, Chery Fengyun officially released a set of Chery Fengyun E06 official pictures. The new car is the first pure electric SUV in the Fengyun series, positioned as a mid-size SUV.

The overall shape of the new car’s exterior is somewhat similar to that of the Zhiji LS6, except that the size of the deflector is larger, and the similarity between the soft and elongated daytime running lights and the large-mouth grille is still relatively high; the front face of the closed air intake grille is designed with a concave smooth groove, equipped with large-size deflector grooves on both sides, and the interior is equipped with LED headlight clusters; the two ends above the hood also have bulging muscle packs, and the sense of power is still quite strong.

The body shape is typical of urban SUV style, full of avant-garde, fashionable and energetic atmosphere, the rear presents a dynamic fastback shape, the roof is equipped with a lidar device, the fenders are implanted with side and rear high-definition cameras, the front and rear wheel arches and side skirts are wrapped in black scuff guards, equipped with rear privacy glass, hidden door handles and large five-spoke low-drag rim shape, highlighting the new car’s stylish and dynamic atmosphere. The dimensions of the new car are 4820x1920x1685mm in length, width and height, and the wheelbase is 2920mm.

The top of the tail extends a sporty hollowed-out rear wing shape, equipped with the popular through-type taillight cluster, and the lower bumper position is wrapped with a large black extension, enhancing the layering and sporty atmosphere of the new car.

The interior continues the design language of the Fengyun family as a whole, using a double-spoke flat-bottomed steering wheel and a pocket gear shift mechanism, and the center console is equipped with a three-dimensional full-LCD instrument panel and a large-size floating central control screen.

According to the official, the new car will be equipped with a higher-level intelligent driving assistance system, support high-speed NOA and urban NOA, and have a large AI model. For more detailed parameters, please continue to pay attention to the wheel whispering moment, and we will report the latest information for you as soon as possible.