The official picture of AVATR 07 was released, with a length of 4825mm, a wheelbase of 2940mm, and an extended range/pure electric option


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Recently, the official picture of AVATAR’s new SUV model, AVATR 07, was released.

The curvature light cluster is very recognizable
The body size of the new car is 4825/1980/1620mm, and the wheelbase is 2940mm, which is positioned as a mid-size SUV product. The front hood has a strong sense of line, the headlight group is sharp, and the E-shaped curvature daytime running lights are very memorable. The lower mesh grille is marked with AVATR letters. There is a lidar on the top of the front.

It is equipped with electronic exterior mirrors
The side of the body is relatively sleek, the side window area is smaller, and it is equipped with rear privacy glass. The waistline is clearly described, and the front and rear wheel eyebrows look more layered. The door handles are concealed and equipped with electronic exterior mirrors. The side skirt trim also features the AVATR logo behind it.

The tail has a strong sense of three-dimensionality
The tail ridge is three-dimensional, with a certain sense of the future. The new car does not have a rear windowless design, with a small tailpane. Above is a segmented high-mounted brake light. The taillight structure is also in the shape of a horizontal strip. The black rear bumper contrasts with the body, which is still visually very innovative.
In terms of power, there are range extender and all-electric versions, and rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions are also available. The parameters of the pure electric version may refer to AVATR 12. The rear-wheel drive electric version has a maximum power of 230 kW and a maximum torque of 370 Nm. The all-wheel drive electric version has a total power of 425 kW and a total torque of 650 Nm.
It is reported that the new car will be equipped with Huawei’s new generation of lidar and CATL’s new generation of ultra-rechargeable batteries. It is worth looking forward to in terms of intelligent driving and fast charging.