On May 14, the latest official picture of the BYD SHARK pickup truck was released


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A few days ago, the latest official picture of the BYD SHARK pickup truck was announced, showing the side design of the new car, and it is reported that the car will be officially released in Mexico on May 14, Beijing time, focusing on overseas markets.

From the side, the design of this new pickup truck is trendy, and this set of official photos with young people also shows its main crowd characteristics. This time, it was shown in white and blue, and we can also see that it is equipped with a roof rack, gantry, black body kit, etc., adding a wild atmosphere.

Judging from the previously exposed real car pictures, this car is recognizable at the front and rear of the car, such as the grille adopts a huge BYD letter logo, the headlights on both sides are relatively rough, and the tail has through-type taillights and a lamp group shape that echoes the headlights.

Inside, the new car is equipped with a multi-function steering wheel with a personality of styling, a full LCD instrument, a floating central control screen, and a large number of physical buttons in the gear lever area, which is quite a hard-core model.
In terms of power, the BYD SHARK is expected to offer two powertrains: plug-in hybrid version and pure electric version. The new car is built on the DMO platform, which is called Super Hybrid Off-Road Platform Chinese and is an off-road platform with electric drive. According to previous reports, the platform is compatible with 1.5T and 2.0T engines with different displacements, and also supports 6 kW external discharge, 20 kW in-situ power supply, V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) power rescue and other functions. In addition, the new car is expected to be equipped with features such as a hydraulic active suspension system, streaming mirrors, and more.