The new BYD Formula Leopard family will be launched this year


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Not long ago, BYD Auto showed the Leopard 5, Leopard 8, Leopard 3 and SUPER 9 of the Formula Leopard family, among which the newly unveiled Formula Leopard SUPER 3 has attracted much attention.

The Leopard 3 is positioned as a compact SUV with a sleek and stocky shape, equipped with professional off-road tires and a large angle of approach/departure angle, and an external spare tire with a more hard-core off-road taste.

The wheel arches are expanded, the D-pillar is equipped with a stairway with a small satchel and a roof rack, as well as electronic mirrors and concealed door handles, as well as an optional on-board drone system.
According to reports, the Leopard 3 is based on the DMO super hybrid off-road platform, equipped with the Yunlin-P intelligent body control system, and will be on sale within the year.