The Blue Mountain Intelligent Driving Edition was launched in June, and the new color “Canglang Green” was unveiled and equipped with the latest intelligent driving


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Today, there is news that the Wei brand Blue Mountain Intelligent Driving Edition may be launched in June. The WEY brand Lanshan is positioned as a mid-to-large SUV, and the intelligent driving version is equipped with a total of 27 sensors including lidar, as well as the latest generation of the Coffee Pilot Ultra intelligent driving system. At the same time, in terms of color matching, Canglang blue has been newly added for consumers to choose.

In terms of appearance, the Wei brand Blue Mountain Intelligent Driving Edition still adopts a family-style design style, and the overall atmosphere is tough. The front face is equipped with a split light group, and the Wei brand logo is inlaid in the middle, which has a high degree of recognition. It measures 5,156 mm in length, 1,980 mm in width, 1,805 mm in height, and has a wheelbase of 3,050 mm.
In terms of body color, the intelligent driving version of the model will add the “Canglang Blue” color scheme to emphasize the new energy attributes.

In the interior, the WEY Blue Mountain Smart Driving Edition will be equipped with dual 15.6-inch large screens that support Huawei HiCar and other functions, and a 29-inch Coffee SR-HUD head-up display technology. A 17.6-inch ceiling screen and rear entertainment screen have also been added to the rear row. The seat section has a 2+2+2 six-seat design, and the second row is equipped with two independent seats, which support three-level adjustable heating and ventilation functions. In addition, the car is also equipped with an on-board refrigerator to enhance the user’s car experience.
As a smart driving model, the car will be equipped with a total of 27 sensors, including lidar, including watchtower-type lidar, 3 millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars and 11 high-definition visual perception cameras, and the level of intelligent driving has been significantly improved compared with the current model. Equipped with the Coffee Pilot Ultra intelligent driving system, it realizes functions such as navigation assistance driving (navigation assisted driving) and automatic parking in the city without pictures in all scenes.
In terms of power, the WEY brand Lanshan Intelligent Driving Edition model will be equipped with a DHT-PHEV system composed of a 1.5T engine and a P4 motor, and supports three power modes: pure electric, pure electric priority and intelligent hybrid. The powertrain has a maximum combined power of 380 kW and a maximum combined torque of 933 Nm, with a pure electric range of 180 km and a comprehensive range of more than 1,200 km in WLTC mode, with a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 4.9 seconds.