Supported by four-wheel drive system! The new Granvia is officially launched


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The Granvia from FAW Toyota has been hot selling since its launch, and one important reason is that its product strength is strong and balanced, which can meet both household and business requirement.

However, for a long time, both the fuel and HEV versions of the Granvia have only had front wheel drive versions, which is inconvenient for some people who need the four-wheel drive system to overcome difficulties. Now, the four-wheel drive version of the Granvia has been officially released, with a guide price range of 299800 to 416800 yuan. The usage scenarios of this all-around MPV have also increased significantly.

The exterior and interior remain largely unchanged

The four-wheel drive version of the Granvia has basically no significant changes in appearance compared to the current model, and remains familiar to us. The new car has only been modified in some details, such as adding corresponding four-wheel drive system logos to the tail badge. In terms of interior, it is also basically consistent with the current model. It can be said that except for some details, there are basically no visual changes in the four-wheel drive version of the Grevia and the current two wheel drive version.


In terms of power, the new car remains largely unchanged compared to the current sales model. It is still a 2.5L HEV hybrid system, and the specific energy consumption performance is consistent with the current sales model. It can be said that from these aspects alone, there is not much difference between the four-wheel drive version of the Granvia and the current two wheel drive version. However, in terms of configuration, the new car still has some upgrades, including the installation of integrated first-class seats, a small table in the second row, and other comfort enhancing features.

Therefore, the most significant changes to this car are focused on the E-FOUR four-wheel drive system.

About its E-FOUR four-wheel drive system

Toyota’s E-FOUR four-wheel drive system is actually fundamentally different from our traditional multi plate clutch based part-time four-wheel drive system. This system is more similar to the “electric four-wheel drive system” in the domestic car camp, and it has technical differences from traditional mechanical four-wheel drive in terms of working mode and torque distribution.

The core of this system is a dual motor system distributed on the front and rear axles (which is also the key to achieving electric four-wheel drive mode). Both motors are driving motors, with the front motor having a higher power and mainly responsible for driving the vehicle. But when the vehicle encounters trapped scenes such as snow or muddy roads, the rear motor will intervene to work.

At this point, the E-FOUR control system will adjust the output power of the front and rear motors based on the real-time torque status of the front and rear axles and tire slip status, so that the vehicle’s front and rear axles have an approximate driving torque, which can control the vehicle to get out of trouble. This type of electric four-wheel drive structure will be used in outdoor off-road scenarios in many car models, but for household MPVs like the Grevia, this four-wheel drive system brings another function.

The necessity of MPV equipped with electric four-wheel drive system

Undoubtedly, MPV do not need to have outdoor driving capabilities like SUVs, but the electric four-wheel drive system is very helpful for MPVs, especially high-end family MPV with certain levels, in terms of new car safety.

Assuming a scenario where a vehicle is driving on a slippery road surface and suddenly encounters water accumulation, there may be a certain safety risk for the new car if it is a traditional front wheel drive model. However, for the Granvia equipped with E-FOUR, the electric four-wheel drive system immediately intervenes in this working condition to quickly resolve potential safety risks.

Another scenario is that in some snowy winters, vehicles may experience many driving safety hazards due to decreased grip, which is also the time for E-FOUR to showcase its skills. Overall, the addition of E-FOUR has further enhanced the product strength of the Granvia car.