New appearance/same level as Frontlander, new Nissan Qashqai real car unveiled


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After the official image was released, the new Nissan Qashqai made its debut in real vehicles. As the mid-term facelift version of the third-generation model, the new Qashqai has undergone exterior adjustments and upgraded its infotainment system.

new Nissan Qashqai

Old Nissan Qashqai

The real image shows, the new Nissan Qashqai

Based on the actual vehicle diagram, the new Qashqai has undergone significant changes in its front end, adopting a larger front grille and synchronously adjusting its internal structure. In addition, the car is designed with a new style of headlight assembly, connected with black decorative panels, and the front bumper has also been modified.

Real car diagram of the new Qashqai

Picture of old Qashqai

The side profile of the new Qashqai is basically the same as the old model, but the wheel arches are designed in the same color as the body, using new shaped wheels. As for the rear part of the car, the internal structure of the tail lights and the shape of the rear bumper have been modified.

The interior of the new Qashqai

The interior of the old Qashqai

The interior of the new Qashqai continues the layout of the old model, but the size of the suspended central control screen has been increased, with right angle elements added to the edges and physical knobs on both sides of the screen removed. In addition, the car is equipped with a brand new infotainment system, with built-in features such as Google Maps and Google Personal Assistant.

The new Qashqai offers features such as a full LCD instrument panel, 360 degree panoramic imaging, automatic parking, BOSE sound system, and additional features such as driver fatigue monitoring, automatic emergency braking, and emergency lane keeping assistance.

As a mid-term facelift version, the new Qashqai powertrain remains unchanged and still offers a 1.3T mild hybrid system and an e-Power hybrid system as options. In the domestic market, the Dongfeng Nissan Qashqai on sale offers two powertrain options: a 1.3T engine and a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine.

Third generation Dongfeng Nissan Qashqai

At present, the third-generation Dongfeng Nissan Qashqai has been launched in China. With the release of the new overseas Qashqai, it is expected that domestic models will also follow suit. The Qashqai is positioned as a compact SUV, in the same class as models such as the Toyota Frontlander and Volkswagen T-ROC Tiggo. Based on sales data, there is still a certain gap between the sales performance of Qashqai and Frontlander in March this year