Star Yue L Extended Range Electric Edition,What is the strength of the flagship version?


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Extended range electric vehicles are still the solution for many new energy vehicle models. As a car that focuses on young people, the Star Yue L is not unfamiliar to most people, with excellent appearance and cost-effectiveness, and has a good popularity in the market. In addition to the fuel powered version, Geely currently also offers the Star Yue extended range electric version, with a total of two models, with a suggested price range of 239700 to 253700 yuan. Looking at the end market, the highest direct price drop in Zhengzhou is 22000 yuan. Below is a specific evaluation of the 2022 1.5T DHT Extended Range Electric Flagship Edition. The comprehensive range can reach 1400 kilometers, and the pure electric range of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology can reach 205 kilometers. The extended range mode is used for long-distance driving, and the pure electric mode is used for commuting in cities.

From the appearance, the face looks like a Iron Man, with muscular lines. The polygonal front grille incorporates a dot matrix design, and stepped daytime running lights are arranged on both sides. When lit, the appearance is high enough. And the headlight group is relatively full, with both high and low beams using LED light sources, and features adaptive high and low beams, automatic headlights, height adjustment, and delayed shutdown.

From a side view, there is a clear hierarchy between the top and bottom, and the door handle remains the traditional plan. The upper waistline is straight and powerful, extending all the way to the position of the rear taillight group. The bottom wheel hub adopts a petal shaped design, and the wheel rims are double color spliced, with a size of 19 inches. As a compact SUV, it looks larger when placed with competitors of the same level, with a length, width, and height of 4770 × one thousand eight hundred and ninety-five × 1689mm, with a wheelbase of 2845mm.

The rear of the car is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. The taillights adopt a double-layer design, with a through type light strip above, which is relatively humble. The composite light strip below adopts an energy crystal design, making the lighting effect more layered. The bottom is relatively low-key, and the exhaust holes are hidden. As the flagship version of the model, both the electric rear tailgate and the inductive rear tailgate are not absent. After the trunk is opened, the capacity is just enough, mainly leaving more space for the rear of the car, ensuring the feeling of a large 5-seater SUV inside.

Entering the Geely Star Yue L Extended Range Electric Edition car, the caramel brown color scheme is quite suitable for young people’s taste. The car is equipped with three large screens, which are highly recognizable and have the same size, all at 12.3 inches. The driver and passenger screens display well in sunlight, with a resolution of 1920 × 720P, with good daily viewing clarity, and the vehicle is equipped with 5G car networking, which can ensure network quality in the first time. In the future, OTA upgrades are also supported.

Finally, as an upgraded model, it is first paired with a 1.5T turbocharged engine, with a maximum power of 110kW and a maximum torque of 225N · m. The matched front single motor also has strong performance, with a total power of 107kW and a total torque of 338N · m. The vehicle provides three power modes. In pure electric mode, daily starting is relatively quiet, and acceleration is not slow at all. Driving at a speed of 180 kilometers per hour is effortless, but the range may be a bit overwhelming. In extended range mode, the engine is mainly used to generate electricity, and driving is also relatively quiet. If you want to pursue performance, you still need to turn on hybrid mode, where the electric motor and engine will drive simultaneously, resulting in faster power response and a clear sense of push back. Do you have any different opinions and perspectives on the Star Yue L Extended Range Electric Edition? You can leave a message for discussion.