The maximum range is 200KM,and the Geely Panda Rider will be launched today


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Recently, learned from relevant channels that the Geely Panda Knight will be officially launched today (September 15th). The new car is positioned as a micro electric vehicle, with a pure electric range of up to 200km.

The Panda Rider is a representative work of the Geely Micro Electric Vehicle 2.0 era, and also the first micro electric vehicle that integrates fast, slow, and charging. Its overall design is compact and sturdy, with a wide black bumper and colorful trailer hooks. In addition, the square grille+circular headlight group also enhances its recognition. On the side, the new car is equipped with a side ladder in addition to a dual color luggage rack.

At the tail, the square shape and wide black surround are also very wild. In addition, the new car’s taillights adopt a “D” shaped style, which has a noticeable visual effect when illuminated. In terms of body size, the new car has a length, width, and height of 3135mm * 1565mm * 1655mm, and a wheelbase of 2015mm.

The interior style of the vehicle is relatively simple, with an 8-inch floating central control screen and a 9.2-inch LCD instrument panel that stands out. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with various storage compartments inside, ensuring practicality. In terms of color scheme, the new car will provide two options: bold green and true white.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 30kW permanent magnet synchronous motor and also matched with a lithium iron phosphate battery pack provided by Guoxuan High Tech, with a pure electric range of 200km. In terms of charging, it only takes half an hour to complete charging from 30% to 80%. Panda Rider also supports 3.3kw slow charging, which can be charged through various methods such as home charging stations and portable charging guns. For more information about the new car, will continue to follow and report on it.