Song PLUS EV 2023 champion 520KM flagship front single motor


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Today, let’s take a look at BYD’s new model launched this year, Song PLUS EV42023 champion version 520KM flagship, let’s take a look at it has those advantages.

In terms of appearance, the front face of the Song PLUS EV 2023 champion version 520KM flagship adopts a closed shape design, and the lower part of the headlight group is also designed with an L-shaped LED light belt. In addition, the left and right sides of the front surround are added with LED light strips + blackened decorative pieces, and there is a trapezoidal air intake in the front lip position. In terms of size, it has a length, width and height of 4785x1890x1660, a wheelbase of 2765mm, a front tire specification size of 235/50 R19, a rear tire specification size of 235/50 R19, a front brake type of ventilated disc, and a rear brake type of solid disc.

In terms of interior, the Song PLUS EV 2023 Champion edition 520KM flagship center console area is equipped with a three-panel flat-bottom steering wheel, 12.3-inch LCD instrument, and 15.6-inch adaptive rotating center control screen. At the same time, the new car is also replaced with a new shape of the electronic handle, and there are many function keys arranged around the handle. And the front row also comes standard with integrated sports-style seats. In addition, the interior seats are wrapped with imitation leather materials.

Configuration-wise, Song PLUS EV 2023 Champion edition 520KM flagship model is equipped with 71.8kWh lithium iron phosphate battery, front single motor, VTOL mobile power station function, electric Single speed transmission, 90kW DC fast charging interface, front collision warning, active braking system, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, road traffic sign recognition, rear collision warning, reversing side warning, DOW door opening warning, parallel assistance, six airbags, body stability system, tire pressure display, full speed adaptive cruise, front and rear reversing radar, 360 Panoramic image, electronic parking, automatic parking, driving mode selection, steep descent, uphill assistance,Brake energy recovery system, built-in driving recorder, mobile phone wireless charging, remote control, electric rear door, front keyless entry, keyless start, imitation leather seat, main driver 8 to the electric seat, passenger passenger 4 to the electric seat, front seat heating, front seat ventilation, second row manual seat, front row center armrest, second row seat ratio down, second row center armrest, electricity Moving panoramic sunroof, leather multi-functional steering wheel, manual 4-way steering wheel, full LCD instrument, automatic anti-glare internal mirror, 31-color interior atmosphere light, steering wheel vibration, co-driver intelligent interactive panel (no digital display), 9 speakers, 12.8 hours central control screen, navigation system, car networking, OTA upgrade, voice recognition control system, Wi-Fi hotspot, Two-zone automatic air conditioning, rear outlet, air purification inside the car, 19 hours aluminum alloy wheels, LED headlights, automatic headlights, adaptive light, LED daytime running lights, through LED taillights, intelligent welcome function, front multi-layer soundproof glass, rear privacy glass, the whole car one-click Windows, external rearview mirror electric adjustment, front door light, metal effect welcome pedal, Mobile phone Bluetooth key, external rearview mirror heating, external rearview mirror electric folding, external rearview mirror lock car folding and other functions.

In terms of power, the Song PLUSEV2023 champion version 520KM flagship motor has a maximum power of 150kW(204Ps), a maximum torque of 310N.m, a battery capacity of 71.8kWh, the number of motors is a single motor, the motor type is permanent magnet/synchronous, the motor placement position is front, and the energy type is pure electric. Drive mode is front-drive, transmission is single-speed transmission of electric vehicle, transmission type is fixed gear ratio transmission, vehicle warranty period is 6 years or 150,000 kilometers, battery type is lithium iron phosphate battery, battery brand is BYD, battery pack warranty is the first owner of unlimited years/mileage, battery charging time is 0.5 hours fast charge, 10.2 hours slow charge. The position of the fast charge interface is the left tank, the slow charge is the right tank, the power consumption is 13.7kWh, the official 0-50km acceleration time is 4 seconds, and the pure electric mileage announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is 520km.

Overall, the Song PLUS EV 2023 champion version of the 520KM flagship model has excellent range and sufficient power output, and the sporty appearance is also one of its highlights. Would you choose this model?