Changan Lumin, complement the short board


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Recently, according to the exposure of netizens, a new model is expected to be launched. While maintaining the original stylish appearance and excellent performance of the Changan Lumin, this model has added a white and orange interior, electronic handbrake and central armrest

According to the exposed interior, the steering wheel uses a white + orange match to show more vitality and sports, and the center console also uses an orange decorative strip. In addition, the doorknobs are also decorated in orange

The seats are still made of fabric seats, and in order to match the overall dynamic sports style, white is also used with orange embellishment.

The biggest highlight of this exposure is that the new car canceled the original robot brake and replaced it with an electronic hand brake, and it was equipped with a glove box with good space, which further improved the practicality.


The specific other configuration information of the new car has not been announced, but the new white and orange interior should be sold in the form of an optional package, in addition, because many consumers said that the mechanical brake is not sensitive enough to reflect, resulting in pulling the handbrake, the car has happened from time to time, this time also changed the electronic handbrake, and equipped with a glove box, safety and storage space are further improved.