Lixiang L9 evaluation: “Big refrigerator” with high level of intelligence, is “Big bed mode” easy to use?


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Nowadays, the level of intelligence in car models on the market is basically very high. In addition to intelligence, more car brands want their vehicles to become “mobile nests”, so large refrigerators and color televisions have also been “moved” to cars Now let’s take a look at the comprehensive strength of the Lixiang L9, which is a well-known model under the Ideal brand?

From the appearance, the L9 continues the consistent car making philosophy of the Lixiang family. The entire body looks very grand, and the front face is pressed down from the hood, giving a “cliff like” design feeling. The continuous light strip is relatively beautiful and has a large curvature, which can create a good visual experience. The side profile of the car is wide, and the lines around the windows are described smoothly. The visual experience is good, and the waistline is relatively smooth, which elongates the visual appearance. The lines at the eyebrows of the skirt have a strong sense of layering, and the front and rear fenders are also very solid. The rear spoiler is high and the high mounted brake lights are quite noticeable.

The interior is traditionally designed by Lixiang, with a regular steering wheel, a central control screen embedded in the front, and a small size. The central control screen is connected to the front passenger screen, forming a larger screen with a good visual effect. And while driving, the co-pilot can also watch movies by himself, but be careful to turn down the volume to prevent disturbing the driver.

The seat stitching is more aesthetically pleasing, and the filling inside the seat is solid. The rebound force when pressed is good, and it filters the road feel well when driving.

When we drive a long-distance car, we feel quite tired, especially when driving thousands of kilometers. When we pass through the service area on the highway, we choose to stop and rest for a while. Remove the headrest of the front seats and activate the vehicle’s rest function. At this point, the front seats will lie flat and collapse, and the front and rear seats will become a single bed. If there was an ideal matching inflatable mattress, the interior would turn into a large bed, even if a family of three were to lie down, it wouldn’t be crowded.

Of course, when we park to rest, if we only have a bed, we won’t feel very textured during the rest. So at this point, we can turn on the vehicle’s music, after all, this car is equipped with 23 speakers, the sound is relatively clear, and the quality of the volume is also quite good. And the vehicle can also be equipped with Harman Kardon speakers, so when we lie down and turn on light music, we can easily fall asleep. However, there may still be slight noise from the speaker at times.

This car has a body size of 5218 * 1998 * 1800mm, a wheelbase of 3105mm, and a trunk volume of 332-1191L. As a large SUV, its wheelbase of over three meters allows it to easily switch to “king bed mode”.

In terms of power, it adopts extended range power, with a total power of 330kW and a total torque of 620N · m. The CLTC pure electric range is 215km, and the comprehensive range is 1315km. The comprehensive fuel consumption of WLTC is 0.86L, and even in the lowest state of charge, the fuel consumption reaches 7.8L.

Summary: As a dad car model, the appearance and interior of this car are quite in line with the concept of household use, and the use of a large refrigerator and a large color TV also makes this car an ideal model.