5 meters long+3 meters wheelbase, Dongfeng new SUV released, plug-in hybrid/pure electric optional, 6-seater spacious


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Recently, Dongfeng Group’s subsidiary brand, Dongfeng e-π, officially released the official image of its second model, Dongfeng eπ, which will also make its debut at the Beijing Auto Show on April 25th.

The first model of Dongfeng e π, “007,” is positioned as a mid to large-sized sedan, so it is reasonable for the second model to be positioned as a mid to large-sized SUV. The appearance of the new car is different from that of the Dongfeng e π e π 007. It adopts a through type front headlight group, and the main headlights and daytime running lights are not separated, but are in one headlight group.

The front grille does not have any extra design, but the Dongfeng e π logo can be lit up, which is the finishing touch of the front face. Some sporty treatments have been added to both sides of the bumper.


From the side of the car, the Dongfeng e π e π 008 looks very sturdy, with large-sized low drag wheels and a hidden door handle design visible.

The shape of the tail light group echoes the front headlights, and the internal details of the light group are good, with good recognition when lit up. The lower bumper adopts a bright black color scheme paired with a contrasting color scheme on the body, enriching the design elements of the rear of the car.

In terms of size, this Dongfeng e π 008 is very surprising, with a length, width, and height of 5002/1972/1732mm, and a wheelbase of 3025mm. With a length of over 5 meters and a wheelbase of over 3 meters, its interior space is highly anticipated. The new car will adopt a 6-seater layout, which may attract the attention of many family consumers who pursue large space.

Interior diagram of Dongfeng e π 007

The official interior design of the new car has not been released this time, but spy photos from before show that this Dongfeng e π 008 basically follows the same interior style as the 007, with a focus on simplicity. The center console has almost no physical buttons, and all functions are concentrated in the center console screen. The steering wheel has a dual spoke design, and there is also a full LCD instrument panel in front.

The car will be equipped with an electronic transmission, leaving more storage space in the central armrest area and an area for wireless phone charging.

In terms of power, like the Dongfeng e π 007, the new car offers two options, but the hybrid version offers a plug-in hybrid solution, which will be equipped with a combination of a 1.5T engine and an electric motor. The maximum power of the engine is 108 kW, and the pure electric range is 154 km; The pure electric version of the vehicle will be equipped with a motor with a maximum power of 200 kW and a pure electric range of 636 km.

From the perspective of product positioning and size, this Dongfeng e π 008 is very close to the Ideal L8. However, according to the pricing logic of the Dongfeng e π 007, the overall pricing of this model will still focus on cost-effectiveness and is still very competitive in the current market.