Auto 2024 Beijing: The all-new Haval H9 was officially unveiled


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generation model, the new car has been upgraded in terms of appearance, interior and power, if you pay attention to the hard-core medium and large SUV, you must not miss it.

Looking at the new car, the styling design of the new Haval H9 is classic and square, tough and retro. The front end has a square grille with retro round headlights, which are designed with parallel lines and rivets, giving it a unique visual effect. The lower part of the front of the car is equipped with a guard plate to protect the front of the car from bumps in complex off-road conditions. In terms of color matching, its appearance will be available in Yanbo White, Wadang Black, Lime Gray, and Green Mountain Green.

On the side of the body, the waistline of the body runs through the entire body, and the lines are concave and convex, showing the unique sense of power of hard-core off-road. The large wheel arch design of the battlements echoes the hard-core shape of the body, highlighting the characteristics of a hard-core off-road vehicle. In terms of the tail, the new car is a standard hard-core off-road vehicle, with an external spare tire + longitudinally distributed taillight groups are not absent. Of course, the trunk door also continues to be side-open.

In addition, 17-, 18-, and 19-inch wheels are available for the petrol variant, while only 18-inch wheels are available for the diesel variant. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5070/1960 mm, 1976/1930 mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2850 mm.

In terms of interior, the new car is equipped with a new design style, a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel, and a 14.6-inch floating center control screen, making this car look very young. At the same time, the new car is equipped with a new style of electronic gear lever, so that the overall texture of the new car has been well improved. At the same time, the central air conditioning outlet of the new car is located below the central control screen, and the functional physical buttons in the gear handle area are used to make the overall feeling stronger. In terms of equipment, the car will be equipped with one-button remote start, smartphone App remote monitoring, 540-degree panoramic image, panoramic fusion parking, and FOTA upgrade.

The official has changed the pain points of the off-road vehicle in terms of ride comfort, the rear head is 901mm, the rear shoulder is 1491mm, the rear elbow is 1567mm, the rear hip is 1443mm, and the five-seat version of the second-row seats can be placed to pure flat. At the same time, the trunk size of the new generation Haval H9 five-seater version is 791L (1 28-inch suitcase, 2 24-inch suitcases, and 20-inch luggage), and the five-seat version has a flat rear volume of 1814L. In terms of seats, the official adopts a seat design that is more in line with the physiological curve of the human body, with a foam A surface (the visible area of the seat surface is collectively referred to as the A surface area) adding 10mm comfort sponge, and a new seat cushioning layer to provide good vibration absorption, ensuring that the user is free from vibration interference when driving, and achieving a relaxed state; At the same time, the car will also offer 8 massage styles to choose from (wave, serpentine, catwalk, back, waist, pulse, butterfly, single row).

In terms of power, the new Haval H9 retains the 2.0T+8AT power system, and at the same time adds a 2.4T+9AT diesel power combination to meet the needs of diesel enthusiasts. The petrol version has a maximum power of 165 kW and the diesel version has a maximum power of 137 kW. In addition, the new trailer qualification makes the off-road strength stronger and the car use scenarios more abundant. The approach and departure angles have been significantly improved, further enhancing off-road passability. In addition, the car will be offered with three differential locks in the front, middle and rear, and will be equipped with a second-generation all-terrain control system.