2024 Beijing Auto Show: SAIC Volkswagen’s all-new Tiguan L Pro is officially unveiled


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During the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, SAIC Volkswagen’s all-new generation Tiguan L Pro was officially unveiled. Since its launch in 2010, the Tiguan family has gained the trust of more than 2.8 million consumers in 14 years, and the series has also witnessed the development and changes of the domestic SUV market. Nowadays, the wave of intelligence has swept from new energy to fuel vehicles, as a generation of “god cars”, the Tiguan family is bound to move towards the road of intelligence, and the new generation of Tiguan L Pro is to be an intelligent oil car.

Let’s start with the appearance, the new Tiguan L Pro highly restores the design of the overseas version of the model, with a Pioneer front face and an R-Line sports front face double front face design, of which the Pioneer front face uses horizontal chrome decoration on the grille, and the R-Line version uses a larger area of blackened mesh decoration, and is equipped with an R logo, which is more youthful and sporty. In terms of color, the all-new Tiguan L Pro is available in five colors: Burst Blue, Galaxy Gray, Glow Pink, Arc White, and Quantum Black.

As SAIC Volkswagen’s first model equipped with IQ. The Tiguan L Pro has a single-sided headlight of up to 25,600 projection pixels. In addition to conventional functions such as intelligent high and low beams and flowing turn signals, it can also project a beam of light that is the same width as the car and a light blanket of the same width as the lane. On the side, the Tiguan L Pro has a more muscular design, with a prominent waistline on the front and rear wheel arches, and sportier elements such as black exterior mirrors, wheel rims, and roof racks. In terms of body size, the Tiguan L Pro is 4735/1859/1682 mm in length/width, and has a wheelbase of 2791 mm.

The digital cockpit is a very obvious point that the Tiguan L Pro’s intelligent improvement is very obvious, through the 15-inch central control screen, 11.6-inch co-pilot entertainment screen, 10.3-inch full LCD instrument, intelligent control knob, w-HUD head-up display system, and smart phone, together form a 6-screen linkage. The intelligent car connection system is also deeply customized for China’s localization, not only the interface UI and human-computer interaction are redesigned, but also the voice interaction supported by iFLYTEK technology, Tencent’s in-car WeChat, wireless CarPlay, CarLife and HiCar.

In terms of power, the all-new Tiguan L Pro will be equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged four-cylinder engine, of which the 330TSI model has a maximum power of 137kW and a peak torque of 320Nm, and the 380TSI model has a maximum power of 162kW and a peak torque of 350Nm, and the transmission system is matched with a seven-speed wet dual-clutch transmission. In addition to the 20 sensors, the intelligent driving part adopts DJI’s in-vehicle solutions, which have been upgraded with 20 sensors, and also include a new binocular camera, in-cabin camera, two front corner radars, intelligent driver assistance controllers, and automatic parking controllers, as well as functions such as adaptive cruise control system (HWAS) Pro, lane keeping system (LANE-KEEPING Pro), intelligent paddle for lane change, and intelligent obstacle avoidance.