2024 Beijing Auto Show: Leapmotor C16 officially opens for pre-order


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At the Beijing Auto Show that opened on April 25, the Leapmotor C16 was officially unveiled, and the new car is positioned as a mid-size SUV, which is positioned higher than the Leapmotor C10, and will be the first model equipped with 800V fast charging for Leapmotor, which will be launched and delivered in June 2024.

In terms of appearance, the new car adopts a family-style design style similar to that of the Leap C10, with rounded front lines and a through-type headlight cluster. The air intake is retained at the bumper.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4915/1905/1770mm, and the wheelbase is 2825mm. The rear is also equipped with through-type LED taillights, and below is the English name of Leapmotor, LEAPMOTOR, and the overall design is relatively simple.

Leapmotor C16 will be equipped with body radar, roof lidar, tail camera, monocular camera, binocular camera, etc., and is expected to have good intelligent driving capabilities. The seating layout is a 6-seat design.

In terms of power, the new car is available in a pure electric version with a maximum power of 215kW with a lithium iron phosphate battery pack, and the latter is equipped with a 95 hp 1.5-liter four-cylinder range extender engine with a maximum motor power of 170kW and is also equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery pack.