The new member of the 7 Series Tiantuan, the Wind Planet Sea S7, was unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show


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Nowadays, new domestic MPV cars like to be named after “9”, but new energy sedans prefer the number “7”, from NIO ET7, Zhijie S7, Xiaomi SU7, and then to the rookie that has just been unveiled at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show – Xinghai S7, “Hualiu 7 Series Tiantuan” is growing.

Xinghai is a new new energy product series released by Dongfeng Fengxing on the eve of the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, and the first model, Xinghai V9, has been on pre-sale on April 18. As the second product of the Xinghai series, the S7 will focus on the 13-200,000 new energy car market. Unlike friends who focus on technology or driving control, Dongfeng Fengxing has set the label for Xinghai S7 as “the most beautiful Chinese new energy car”.

Led by foreign styling director Chris, the design concept of “Interstellar Fluid Aesthetics” features a coupe-like rear silhouette and a 3.65-metre-long all-glass dome with no turning point through an infinite starry curve and hyperboloid water drop canopy. Other design highlights include frameless doors and concealed door handles.

It is worth noting that the good design also brings excellent wind resistance and energy consumption performance. In the development and verification process, Xinghai S7 achieved the lowest drag coefficient in the current production sedan camp, only 0.191Cd.

At the same time, through the first 8-layer flat wire motor technology in China, and with a high-speed ratio and low-loss reducer, low-excitation and high-reluctance electromagnetic topology scheme, the motor system has achieved an efficiency of 94.5%, and the power consumption of the whole vehicle has dropped to 11.9kWh/100km, which is quite eye-catching.

However, this auto show debut belongs to the Xinghai S7 debut, so the press conference did not announce the body size, electric drive system, battery and other core indicators, the factory personnel only said that the car is based on the Dongfeng S2-E architecture platform to build, the rear suspension is a five-link type, pure electric range of 540 kilometers.

However, judging from the announcement of the 381st batch of new cars announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in March this year, the size of Xinghai S7 is 4935*1915*1495mm, the wheelbase is 2915mm, and the single motor of Zhixin Technology is adopted, with a rated power of 65kW and a maximum power of 160kW. The power battery is a lithium iron phosphate battery from Dongyu Xinsheng, with a capacity of about 56.8 degrees.

Friends who are interested in it, don’t be too anxious, it is reported that Xinghai S7 is expected to open pre-sale in June.