The official picture of Galaxy E5 was released, built by GEA architecture, and the sense of science and technology was brilliant!


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The official picture of the Galaxy E5 was released, using a very textured silver paint, which matches the tone of the E5 and has a low-key and elegant feeling.

Positioned as a compact SUV with dimensions of 4,615/1,901/1,670mm and a wheelbase of 2,750mm, GEA’s new electrified architecture supports both plug-in hybrid and pure electric power schemes, which should be more suitable for pure electric power forms than CMA.

In terms of interior, the Galaxy E8 has disappeared from the same Dalian screen, and a set of Geely family-style has been replaced with a set of Geely family style, of course, it supports Flyme Auto car machine system, configuration, marshmallow seats, ventilation and heating massage, and “Unbounded Sound” audio system, only these have been announced at present.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a TZ184XY101 drive motor with a maximum power of 160 kW.

The official price is 15-200,000 yuan, but according to Geely’s tonality, there should be a price surprise in the future.