The CEO of Deep Blue Automobile announced that three new models will be launched this year


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At the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, Deng Chenghao, CEO of Deep Blue Automobile, announced at the Deep Blue press conference that this year, the Deep Blue brand will launch three new products in addition to the black and gold knight version of SL03 and S7 and G318.

According to previous information, among the known new models, only the one with the code name C857 is positioned as a compact SUV and is slightly smaller in size than the S7. In addition, a sedan and an SUV will be launched, but details of these two models have not yet been announced.

It is reported that the newly launched sedan will be slightly larger than the SL03 in size, and will be the first model of the Deep Blue brand to be equipped with Huawei’s intelligent driving system. The all-new SUV model is most likely the first six-seater SUV model of the Deep Blue brand.