Offering two powertrains, the Dongfeng Wind Planet Sea S7 will be available for pre-sale in June


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A few days ago, we learned from relevant sources that Dongfeng Wind Planet Sea S7 will be pre-sold in June, Xinghai S7 is positioned as a medium-sized sedan, and will provide pure electric and extended range hybrid options.

Dongfeng Wind Planet Sea S7 in terms of appearance, young, sporty style, the front of the car gives people a relatively strong impression, the area of the daytime running lights is also relatively large, the design is more complex, the design style of the middle mesh is concave, the protrusions on both sides of the machine cover are also very powerful, the door handle adopts a hidden design, the three-dimensional sense of the rear is also relatively sufficient, body size, the length, width and height are 4935x1915x1495 mm, the wheelbase is 2915 mm。

Dongfeng Wind Planet SeaS7In terms of interior,In line with the trend of the past two years, the center console belongs to a relatively simple, regular style,The steering wheel adopts double color, full LCD instrument and central control screen are also essential, wireless charging panel and cup holder are also provided under the central control screen。

Power part, Dongfeng Wind Planet Sea S7 will provide pure electric and extended range hybrid options, the maximum power of the pure electric version is160 kilowatts (218 horsepower), the battery type is a lithium iron phosphate battery, the battery cell is provided by Dongyu Xinsheng, Specific parameters and information, also subject to the official announcement。