NIO Link launched: NIO Alder · Chiyang system upgrade


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Recently, we learned from NIO that the Alder Chiyang intelligent system has received a 2.0.5 version update. It is understood that NIO still maintains a software team investment of 100 people on its first generation platform. From software and hardware to operation, each generation of intelligent systems will support the safe operation of products for 15 years, allowing old users to have a continuous iterative and constantly new full lifecycle driving experience.

Alder Chiyang 2.0.5 version has multiple new and optimized features, among which NIO Link Driver Interconnection, App Store, HUD and other applications and functions are all derived from the technological accumulation of Banyan Rong intelligent system. New features such as NIO Phone Sky Window, mobile car control, navigation relay, etc., based on NIO Link panoramic connectivity technology, bring a new efficient, intelligent, and scene comprehensive car control experience; The first phase of the new app store will launch multiple applications such as the browser, Cheyu Audio Visual, and Youku, creating a car centered boutique content and integrated ecosystem platform for users.

Since the release of Alder · Chiyang Intelligent System in 2022, a total of 11 versions have been updated, with a total of 162 new and optimized experiences, including 91 new and 71 optimized, fulfilling the commitment of Alder Intelligent System to maintain consistency with Banyan’s intelligent functions and experiences. The NIO intelligent system has accumulated 115 FOTA (global) updates and 1812 new and optimized features.