Ford Electric Horse Rally Edition Appears


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At the 2023 North American Auto Show, the Rally version of the Ford Electric Horse was officially released. The car is based on the Ford electric horse and has been upgraded to adopt a four-wheel drive system. It is designed specifically for tension scenarios and is planned to be put into production early next year.

In terms of appearance, the new car has added a pair of rally car style light sets on the Zhongwang, providing stronger lighting effects and adapting to the dusty road environment. As an electric vehicle, the new car adopts a closed grille design, but air vents are installed on both sides of the lower part of the front to ensure heat dissipation of the braking system.

The side of the car displays a standard rally racing style, with white multi spoke wheels and large-sized Mach-E Rally plaques, paired with high-performance Brembo brake calipers, highlighting the unique characteristics of the rally version model.

The rear of the car adopts a large-sized spoiler to provide sufficient downforce. The car is equipped with MagneRide shock absorbers tuned for rally events, with a ground clearance increase of 20mm compared to the regular electric horse. The front and rear motors are also equipped with shields to prevent damage.

In terms of interior, the new car continues the design style of the electric horse, using a full LCD instrument panel and a large longitudinal center console screen. The lower part of the steering wheel features exclusive white decoration, and white stitching is also available on the door panels and seats. The seats are also adorned with Mach-E Rally prints, highlighting the uniqueness of the Rally model.

In terms of power, the car adopts dual motor four-wheel drive, with a maximum power of 487 horsepower and an acceleration time of 3.5 seconds from 0-96km/h. In addition, the car is equipped with a unique RallySport Drive Mode, in which the electronic control system allows for moderate wheel slip to achieve rally racing style drift and cornering, while achieving a more linear throttle response and suspension settings that are more suitable for off-road use.