Beijing Auto Show Appears at GAC Aion AY5 More Information


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GAC Aion will release a new pure electric SUV during the Beijing Auto Show, codenamed AY5. It will adopt a brand new design and have stronger performance in intelligent driving.

The accompanying image shows the same level of Aion V

Currently, the official statement is that the car will adopt the “human-machine symbiosis” car design concept, equipped with dragon claw style headlights and urban adventure style wheels. It is reported that the new car will be improved in terms of intelligent driving, providing LiDAR and Orin-X chips. In terms of technology, it will use multi camera BEV OneModel, multi sensor multitasking Transformer, support urban NDA and high-speed NDA functions, and also have self-learning navigation function.

This car will be built on the latest pure electric platform and will also be upgraded in terms of intelligent car infotainment. It is reported that it will also enter the system of GAC Toyota, becoming the latter’s entry-level pure electric SUV, with the internal code name AY5-T. At present, the official has not yet released more information about the car. We will continue to monitor its design, configuration, and battery life data.